Faith to belief

hey you all,

I’m super curious to know, what was the moment for you that took you from faith to belief. I know the two may seem similar so I’ll elaborate. I want to know what event in your path happened that took you the uncertainty that what we practice might or might not be real, to fully knowing that what we do is the real deal. That event that, might have been major for you, that you couldn’t chalk up to chance or creation of the mind. I understand if you can’t go into detail because im sure for many it was the destruction of life via baneful magick. I am curious none the less if that was it for some or if it was something else for you.

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I honestly didn’t really have faith in any of this, I just dived into experiencing it and those experiences formed my belief but over time my beliefs kept changing as I continued to experience things to a point it started to connect each experience to a belief to a further down the road new experience.


thank you for sharing. I see. before atheism I had experienced Christianity for so many years, or should I say never having experienced, I couldn’t imagine doing anything by faith. waiting for a false God to answer or give signs. it was sickening. so now to come to this path, it has been hard because some have just said have faith, but if they knew what that meant they would understand my disdain for faith. slowly my belief is solidifying. I hope to have a moment where I can know more than hope. the pieces are falling in place and I can’t wait to put in more practice.

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Yeah I don’t do faith either. Faith is, for me, a form of lusting for results, and if that’s all your going on the working in weakened.

Magick is real, it’s a form of physics that science hasn’t wrapped it’s head around yet, the trick is to figure our the tool so you can use them right. Otherwise it’s like saying you don’t believe in hammers because you used the handle to knock a nail in and it didn’t work. Getting in touch with your subconscious so you can know, (not hope, not believe, not have faith, KNOW), without a doubt what is going on with the unseen is very helpful.

No event required.


thank you for the insight. im continously work on it, and it is always helpful to read everyone’s input. I will strengthen my resolve and dive deep within to discover these truths

I used to be hardcore Christian, like I was in my church youth group and taking extra classes during the week and totally was committing myself to God and that faith, but something never felt quite right. I honestly was mostly doing it for my parents, and I always felt like people respected me more when I actively was open in religion.

However I had so many experiences as a kid where it led me a different path, and by the time I was 11 I decided to just look for myself and see what else was out there. Pretty quickly I found Satanism, and while I did question it at first, my first experience with Vapula pretty much cemented my belief in all this.

I summoned him, really just to see if it would work, and suddenly as I’m sitting with my eyes closed, this huge rush of energy just appears out of nowhere. It was like we might think open to the air of space feels like, it was like the pressure was so strong and everything in my body vibrated. I was so scared that I just sat there for another 30 minutes, not sure what to do. Vapula had given me a warning and left in a matter of seconds. Shortly after all that Paimon got in contact with me, and started teaching me and pushing me down this path.

It took so many years and lot an awful lot of bad experiences before I was mature enough to understand what this means, what I was doing, and how to make actual progress and changes- and that’s been recent too, the past 3 years have been committed and progressive, and after 12 years I’m finally learning what it means to create your own reality on this path and start ascent.

A long road, but totally worth it.


For me, divination was the start. Being able to consistently divine events over and over again with accuracy (and with it being impossible for me to have guessed the outcome, or alter the figures’ meanings to fit the result), that made me realized there’s some truth to all this.

On the magick side I was fortunate enough for the first working I did to have worked, which was an immense shock to me, even though I had know there was some truth to occult workings from practicing divination, but I will never forget the feeling I had when my first working worked the very next day. Although, full belief came after some more workings but it did not take long for me.

I was Christian at first then Atheist. While I was Christian I never really felt the presence of YHWH. Now that I am more experienced with getting magick to work, I can call on him without much of an issue. He has an interesting energy, and in my opinion, he is very different from what Christians make him out to be.


amazing. so many seem to have had their experience so early in life. im envious. I am super curious of the warning vapula gave you but I also understand if it was for your ears only. king paimon is someone I want to work with so badly but it doesn’t mean he wants to bother with me. I have a long long way to go to even get to where you were at 11 let alone where you are now. it will be worth the wait. im only now starting and im almost 30. i wonder if im too late to make real progress

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oh wow, that actually seems like a pretty steady way to develope. having you magick work the first time must feel very empowering. working with that being must be um interesting. thank you for telling some of your story. it was a delight to read and I gained insight from it as well.

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You’re never too old to start, my dude! Time is kinda meaningless with this stuff anyways.

Vapula only gave me a warning to learn more before I started just going crazy and summoning demons left and right. I believe he led me to find Paimon, who I learned had been with me my entire existence.
If you want to work with Paimon, ask him! He’s not gonna just show up to you, but he’ll come when called. He’s really great for beginners, very friendly and very easy to work with. Just ask, and they’ll do their best to help you!

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King paimon is the best


I have made a few contracts with multiple Elders, I held my end of the ball up while they held up to there and of the deal. And depending on what is in the context you can actually sit back and watch it fall into place. Just surround yourself around one, the rest will follow as long as you stay loyal, respectful, and totally honest with them with love they will hold you down on multiple occasions. You doubt them they will make sure you dont doubt them ever again, trust me been there done that more then once with more then one lol I was hard headed in the beginning. I paid for it too… follow your journey brethren. But you also have to put in the work. If you dont put in the work you wont get nowhere unless you wanna have a nice risky deal hahaha… but its facts it’s like a millionaire they will just pay and get what they want but pay more. If you put in the work the results and rewards are deeper and more meaningful. Once you have love from them you wont ever want love from anyone else besides your soulmate or if you find your Twin Flame.

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It definitely was in a way. Even divination has always been a great joy for me to practice. Who wouldn’t want the ability to know anything they wish to know. So I felt a similar feeling when I saw success with it.
But for magick, it has a different style to it. You cannot fight it and you will struggle if you try to force it to work, rather it’s something you get in tune with and let it flow freely, it’s something that’s almost without effort. That is true power.

I don’t work with him directly much at all but the times I did was interesting. The first time I worked with him after becoming a magician I felt his energy was extremely similar to that of Thor. I couldn’t understand why, but then I was guided to read Psalm 135:7 - “He makes clouds rise from the ends of the earth; he sends lightning with the rain and brings out the wind from his storehouses.”
Otherwise, he also feels similar to Jupiter I feel.
I also got some advice from him on my magick, which was interesting. But working with him is not my path.

I agree with @Emalia, it’s never too late. You’d be surprised how much can happen in just 2 years! You can make quite a lot of progress. And others only start into their 50’s. It’s an exciting world to explore no matter the age, and you can gain the life you want. Sometimes starting later gives you more opportunity to do so.