Faith in ones self

Over the last few days Ive had one of the most amazing awakenings. It is as if I have unlocked myself and can see things for how they always have been.

Ive always put my faith in an external source.

Starting out it was always God and over the last few years demons. I had the realization the last few days that I have never actually put my faith in me. Demons and external beings help us tremendously. These deities are there to show us our trueselves the end Goal is empowerment.

Im seeing myself create my universe and shift my world into my favor. Working with King Paimon has not been a magic wand however a constant lesson in how to walk as a king on the earth.

I have an infinite power source with in my soul. I dont need to call upon any being or out my faith in any God. All I need to do is put all of My faith into myself. Instead of feeding the ego of some demiurge. I need to feed my own soul with the power of faith in myself.

The gate keepers promised me in 6 months I would not know the new me that rise from the ashes because would not look like the old me.

Every relationship is exposing itself and every toxic thing is being burned up in this fire im in. I say so be it!

Nothing can be hidden from me. Nothing can be kept from me. I will not be denied. The decrees that I make today create my tomorow.


It’s nice when we wake up. Believe in yourself and at the same time be thankful the the many deities. (: