Failure no matter what


So I’ve been into magick for a few months now, bought a few book nothing to fancy just Demons of Magick and Lucifer and his Hidden demon. but the thing is, no matter how many times and no matter what I try to evoke I keep failing. Yes I did use EA’s sigil opening technique. I also tried evoking Hecate and even Gabriel and Raphael. No success.

Anyone know why I can’t do it ? ( I have a Muslim background btw but that didn’t stop others from doing it)

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You need to work with your subconscious blockages! Sometimes you don’t feel like you deserve the results or you feel like you are doing something wrong to begin with!
One way to get through you subconscious is to cast for things you already have! It will help you reprogram your mind to let the other intentions you want to be true too! So if you have the phone you like cast for it again knowing you already have it for real! Find the things you already have in your life that you really like and cast for them like you want them while knowing you already have them! This will help clear anything thats blocking your subconscious from giving your what you want!
Do this with sigils first :thinking: am not sure how spirits will react to that other than giving you more of what you asked! They might wonder why you are asking for something you already have! You can tell them its to clear whats blocking the magick!


And how should I cast the things I already have ?

Exactly the same way you do for the other things! Just ask for something you already have

I was a lot like you when I started. Just keep doing rituals until you don’t care, then it will happen. Aim for something small at first that doesn’t matter to you. Frater Xavier created a sigil to manifest an orange ball in his yard. It happened. He didn’t care much about a ball but it proved his magic had affect. (It also worked for others who tried it.) My “come to faith” moment was when Glasya Labolas pounded on my doors.

Meditate daily if only for a few minutes. Learn to quiet your mind. Do energy work daily. I didn’t see any results until I did these things regularly.


Meditate more.

I was literally about to say the same thing. OP , look into magicandmind on youtube. I don’t agree with how the person views the left hand path entities but he’s very knowledgeable.

You probably need to do several things before jumping in as a beginner:

  1. Banish and clean your ritual space well. I completely disagree with banishing , especially before hand as being “rude”. People use it for a reason. If you want to banish afterward as well tell the spirit it’s what you do out of all due respect and they should have no issues with it after given a license to depart.

  2. You’re probably not building enough energy. Not only do banishing rituals banish but they also invoke god names within yourself TOO banish. This is very important because it raises energy and invokes your godlike power. The same with the middle pillar. I know some will argue that even using god names are disrespectful to the goetia and that you should replace them with LHP names but once again I believe this to be false. These names have been used for centuries by demonaltors and other LHP people for one reason : they work.

Another aspect of this is when you state your clear intent , visualize the result and THE EMOTION involved when it happens. The joy , the thankfullness to the spirit , etc.

  1. You’re fixated on results. Relax. Learn to let go. I know it’s hard. The law of least expectance is a very real thing. Going into more of what the above poster stated , your subconscious is your link to the source and universe. It’s all knowing and all powerful. Draining it with anxiety will render your workings useless.

  2. As a beginner , you really need to put your all into a ritual. As time goes on , less and less is required to contact entities you’re already linked too. The more magical dogma and elaborate rituals , the more your subconscious takes in and the easier it is to get into a magical trance. Use everything and go elaborate as you can.

  3. You need to de polarize/ remove subconscious blocks. Meditate and look into self hypnosis to remove and reprogram your subconscious. It takes time to get efficient at. Ever heard of positive re affirmation ? It’s the same thing. You might filter certain things out consciously but they still reach your subconscious.

Those are the main reasons why magick isn’t very effective for beginners but if you’re referring to theatricals don’t expect those until you’re adept and it’s very rare to manifest those crazy occurrences like actually seeing the demon take form.


Thank you for all those constructive advices

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I use a bead set I made myself with silk cord and stone beads. Helps occupy your hands and allows you to keep count, if that’s necessary. Knotted string in place of beads is also traditional. Chanting acts like calling. Gets their attention, especially if you shout in a whisper to the ends of the multiverse. Then, when you do ritual the entity/entities know it’s you - the practitioner who’s been calling.

P.s. Anyway, how great a piano player would you be now if you started a few months ago? I wasted fucking years. No internet! Rotten, old municipal library books and shitty paperbacks. Armchair fuckwits like Arthur Edward Waite and rip-off merchant Peter Haining.


So do some meditation and Everytime you have a doubt think of how you could do that thing without fail and pull upon your potential to create the desired results, if you do some positive affirmations for a while before starting your ritual it’ll help alot it’ll change your mine set about the object and you’ll believe in the results causing them o have more power to become real. If you trust in your self to be accepted by the spirit your evoking for help say and see I create a white flash of my life so you know who I am then move hand from one side of face to the other and see a white flash that spirit know knows ou better then you know yourself.

Another way to power up is identify what emotions are used for the casting then spend a day on each emotion connecting to it understand how it’s useful and show respect if you do it right you’ll notice people acting upon you in association to that emotion once you have that connection write a poem/letter to the element of that emotion it’s self and earn that emotions respect and favor.

I did hate and everyone around me was gatingfen had someone tell me get away from me our aura repulsises me then I worked on the connection and wrote a letter as soon as I fi ished the letter everyone around me was now nice instead of hateful I talked to the person who told me get away from me and he said wow that makes since and I’m sorry when I told him I’m working on connecting to emotions and today is hate after I did enough to earn hates favor .

Be original in how you charge sigils like when I charge I’ll picture food as an offering ontop of the sigil if the spirit accepts the concept and the energy they will reach out and pull it in.

Make sure you chakras are allowing of your work opened. So vasic meditation in nose out mouth back straight tounge against top teeth say the word tohhh entire exhale do it like 5 times three days Ina row then do the word May on 4th day this is a spell on yourself for awakening only able to cast once, when I did it when waking up things got crazy but I could feel it vibrate when I changed the words, like crazy crazy

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Idk if others addressed this yet but, have you got a history of seeing / feeling the supernatural? If not, you’ll want to develop that ability in order to be sure it’s not just a question of “faulty antenna”, rather than the “no incoming signal” situation you describe.

lots of books and YouTube vids offer instructions on opening your third eye, tuning in, meditation and so on. Maybe these basics are worth revisiting.

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