Failing in Evocation as a Beginner

last friday i evoked qalilitu (it was the first time i evoked a spirit) and she didn´t appeared, i didn´t take any issue with that because it was the first time i did an evocation and also i had the intuition that she´s a spirit more apt with intermediate and advanced levels, so, yesterday i tried evoking a different spirit, Astaroth, since i heard she was more apt for me as a begginner, i remember using the evokation from vk jehannum, anyway, when i finished doing it, i sensed a shift of energy and it seems that she was already in my bedroom so i asked her if she can teach me about astral projection (the basics of it, how to induce myself, how to leave my body, how to travel from one place to another, etc) but i didn´t hear a yes or no answer so i said to her that i will put her sigil below my pillow when i´m going to sleep and she can wake me up in the astral when i´m already sleeping, before that i remember listening to her enn (from the channel satans and sons) and i could feel her hugging my back, anyway i started to sleep but i woke up around 6 am and i felt frustrated because i thought she was going to teach me how to astral, that never happened, so i don´t know if i should evoke her again or what

Do you feel to know a bit more on astral projection? If not, you may indeed try again, sometimes these things are “progressive” (about entities to summon, check also Bathin).

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i used to induce myself in the astral more frequently last year but nowadays it´s not really frequent, mostly 1-2 times a month, so that´s why i wanted an entity to help me, anyway, i´m thinking invoking instead of evoking and maybe that way i can connect more with Astarte

same with me I used many sigils under pillow and nothing asked many timmes to see them and gave blood nothing did it even of full moons well here is what I found out 95% of people are like me the other ones overexaturating 2%insane and 3% have something special that is with those spirits I havent tried vodoun and necronomicon the Godess Astarte is in the heavens litrely now she is one of those so called stars.

my tip is only rely on feeling and keep a book of shadows that is how you know it works

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