Failing at evocation to no end

Hey brothers and sisters! I’m fairly to new to all of this and I’m just looking for some advice and help if possible. I’ve been trying to use my sigils to contact King Bael, Lucifer and etc, and I’m getting nothing. It sucks and it’s been eating at my self-esteem like crazy. I feel like I can’t do magick and I’m stuck… I try to gaze upon my sigils and call out to them but I still get nothing. I love what everyone is doing here and I hope I can join in ranks with everybody on their path… Thanks!

My advice is to stick with one entity.Meditate on its sigil daily and ask for it to speak to you in whatever manner you’re able to receive.
If you’re contacting multiple entities you’re spreading yourself too thin.Not to mention your energy and will are going in multiple directions.

Also,even though Lucifer is a great and powerful spirit that can change your entire life around,and King Ba’el is a great teacher and can help you perform spiritual alchemy,these are not the spirits you should be starting with.

Think of it as just learning to dribble a basketball then immediately trying out for the NBA.

Start with a spirit that can help you develope the basic occult faculties you need to perform majick.
This is just my opinion but spirits like Mepsitagl,Sastan,Paralda,and even Archangels like Gabriel and Raphael can gently guide you into what you need to know.

Hope this helps and good luck!


My advice, is also to start with a smaller entity that can teach you the basics first and show you how to activate your astral senses so you can see and hear spirits. Lucifer is great to work with and very protective of his followers that are loyal to him however, he is a very fast paced spirit because they have no concept of time like humans do so if untrained, you may not be able to keep up with him when he is teaching you.

Sometimes you have to ask him to slow down and communicate with you at YOUR pace but he is always so busy it’s just best to wait until you are more experienced to work with him. He has a very comforting fathering side to his personality however, he simply doesn’t have time to explain basic things so to get the best benefits from working with him as someone else mentioned contact Sastan and Mepsitahl first. They can help you learn to scry and use your inner sight and help you unlock your potential. They are very patient and understanding spirits, great for beginners or those having problems, especially Mepsitahl.

I didn’t work with Sastan very much because when I did the ritual to evoke him in Works of Darkness he literally came back to me the next day and said there is nothing I can teach you that you don’t already know, and he instructed me to move on to the next spirit in the book.

What people are saying above is great but if starting small isn’t your style, pick one “big” spirit (I love Ba’el so I’ll take him as an example) and stick with them, you’re correctly advised not to jump from one to another as they can have different currents and it’s generally unfocused.

Ask that spirit to send you at least some sign you can recognise that they’re hearing you, and willing to work with you in future, see how that goes?

I started working with gods and various other spirits when I was little and I didn’t start small, but then as kids we don’t have that sense of self-doubt, so you need to know yourself and your personality - if a little bit of you is over-awed by calling on these spirits, then by all means start with different entities, but if it’s them or nothing, take it seriously and make a measured approach.

I recommend trying some of the spells in the Simon Necronomicon Spellbook, as well - these are Names of the great god Marduk by the way, not “demonic,” and they seem to fit with most other systems and entities and they don’t require you to be very clairvoyant or anything to begin working.

Once you’re in the corridor for contacting spirits, it should begin to open your senses naturally. JMO though and what has been said above is also perfectly good advice, I just wanted to take a different approach. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the wonderful responses! All great advice. One of the members on this forum Arcane was kind enough to channel King Bael on my behalf and what we got was amazing. Once I’m off from work I will share with you what we got but I am defiantly making progress. Baby steps… Hehe

I agree with LadyEva.All my life I had been interested in the occult and what it could bring me.Being brought up Christian I not only wanted to rebel against it but I saw that my family were not happy.No prayers were ever answered and I lived in a home of constant abuse and arguing.So I always wanted to explore the other side because if this is what the Christian God had to offer,I wanted nothing to do with it.

I began dabbling when I was about 14 reading the Satanic Bible then moving on to the Necronomicon.
But things in life began distracting me from my spiritual passion.Having a kid at 15,drug and alcohol abuse,and no role models besides drug dealers to look up to I put my spiritual journey on hold.

It wasn’t until a few years ago I was beginning to get into the whole new age stuff and aliens blah,blah,blah.Then one of EA’s interviews came up on my YouTube reccendations.

I listened to the broadcast and.thought to myself "I want THAT!"
So I immediately ordered evoking eternity.

I tried sigil working and even summoning a couple of Goetics but I had many flaws in my workings as I had just begun.

Looking through Evoking Eternity I read of Azazel.I immediately felt a pull towards him.

I sat up a ritual space outside and decided to go to the store while waiting for the appropriate time.
I recited Azazels enn the entire walk there and back.On the way back I saw what looked like a shooting star…fall right into my neighborhood.

I quickly rushed to my ritual space and Azazels sigil was literally glowing with white light.There was a giant tree to my left where I saw a shadow emerge from behind and quickly drift to the triangle.

The rest is history.But my point is I STUCK with Azazel for quite sometime.
A few months ago I read through my journals I’ve recorded of my workings over the years.My first journal was almost full of interactions with Azazel and some with Belial.

After reading my requests that I had given to Azazel and all this time thinking I had received nothing,I realized through reading my questions and his answers that I got EVERYTHING I asked for.I just did not word them properly.

So I guess what I’m trying to say through all the rambling is if you work with Azazel or any other “big” entity.Be VERY careful how you word your requests.You don’t get what you want,you get what you ask for.
Hope that makes sense!


Thanks for the advise Musta! I started a thread titled “My journey with King Bael” and posted the channeling Arcane did for me. If anybody is interested, please check it out there. I would love to hear your guys thoughts :slight_smile: