Failing at evocation - SOLUTIONS

I keep getting asked about an old post of mine regarding how most of my evocation attempts ended in a hostile manner, that the spirits were all inimical to me regardless of my approach, and I am getting too many questions to address them individually. So, trying to keep it brief, I am going to make two posts. The first one will go right to the point and the second will be reserved for annotations and what not, so I beg of you, please let me reserve it. Do not reply if you see I have not made two posts, please!

The solution to my problem was “confidence” (bear with me!) and it can be summarized in three points:

1 .- There was too much trouble in my life and I could not detach emotionally to do magick: Personal frustrations piled up higher the moment I wasn’t giving myself nor the magick operations time to work. My anxiety to see a quick result, or at least an early sign, was what sabotaged the whole ordeal; failure lead to even more doubts.

2 .- I had the wrong mindset, belief is what sets the outcome in a literal manner, and in my case was a nagging feeling of either unworthyness or that I would anger the spirit in question with my petition. A magician supplants the course of nature as he/she see themselves as gods. They play the part of having the utmost authority to bend reality, and I couldn’t see myself like it in this department.

3 .- I made a breakthrough using sources different from the traditional: Going back to my second point, summoning what’s traditionally thought as “angels and demons”, I felt as if I was not prepared nor had the authority to call upon. That is until I remembered a nifty book that had worked for me in the past and the first few successes made me change my point of view.


1 .- You need to chill.

Easier said than done but I use Hypericum Perforatum (also know as Saint John’s Wort). It will help you ease your tension. I would avoid narcotics at all costs, even alcohol or smoking, as it puts you through high and lows. Hipericum won’t. Take that and, later on, I’ll show you around where to summon for some inner peace.

2 .- You need to slow down.

You didn’t see the spirit? Did you hear it? Those aren’t the correct questions, your aim should be at solving your stuff, the reason why you evoked in the first place. Did you get the job you wanted? Did that person who was bothering you go away? THAT’S the kind of stuff you need to focus on. This means once you’ve done your ritual, even if you didn’t feel anything special? YOU. MUST. IGNORE. If anything you will repeat the ritual next night for three days straight, at the same hour, until you get what you want.

Everything else will come in time, you do not need to see or hear the spirit first to get what you want, and in time you will see and experience things. It’s like puberty, all has its moment, you can’t be a seven year old and start learning about mortgages and saving money for a second-hand car in college, right? Enjoy your fucking infancy, mate!

3 .- You need to try different stuff.

Goetia being sketchy? Grimorium Verum not concise enough? Book of Abramelin the mage too demanding? Look, put away the chalices and wands, there is no need break the bank in some arts and crafts store. All those things come in handy but, for starters, you do not need them, ok? What is important is YOUR WILL and how you behave afterwards.

When all those usual sources failed me, or should I say failed at them, I found a system that basically tells me from the get go I can do crazy stuff just by the simple fact that I am human. The 50 Names of Marduk is a section of the “infamous” book known as “The Simon Necronomicon”, infamous for the fact that rides the coat tails of Lovecraft’s fiction, but has little to do with it (more or less). It was a publicity stunt that used legitimate Mesopotamic incantations as most of its source, WHAT MATTERS IS that it works - many practitioners can tell you it does.

Why does it work? Because as I said earlier, its system is built upon the idea that Sumerian gods gave/revealed humanity the tools of magick and that there are literally 50 spirits who will rush to help you instantly because of some old alliance. These spirits work with humanity and they do it fast, all you need to do IS DARE.

CONCLUSION: You read what I wrote and you read it good, I’ll be posting soon some exercises you ought to do if you want to be an accomplished magician, ok? It’s very basic but deals with those three points I mentioned earlier, that you need to chill, to slow down and try something else. Once you actually start getting things right it will give you the much needed notion that this works, and that it works BECAUSE OF YOUR WILL.

As I said, don’t post after me as I need to reserve that blank space, I swear I will slice you from armpit to asshole if you do D:

Dedicated to @KingVelizar among others. Please be patient, mates, I’ll get to work on an ordered answer soon.


Post reserved for further additions, coming soon, please mods do not delete. Why yes it is a complete sentence why the f- would you ask me this, system? D:


Alrighty, I’m a ceritified idiot, forgot you can’t edit posts on this site lmao. Anyways here it goes:

1.- Calm your inner turmoil:

As we’ve established on the previous post, do something to calm your nerves. Magick thrives on success so if you have had a string of bad luck and no apparent signs of success? It’s fairly normal that you’ll keep having a bad streak. This especially happens when you’re in a desperate situation and pending from the help of spirits, say you’re one week from being evicted and you need the money, or worse, you’re trying to heal someone who’s in a pretty bad condition but you don’t see any signs of betterment.

What do you do when desperation gets the best of you? You got a few options:

a) You let go. Maybe really is too late to do anything about it so you should cut your lossess.

b) You disregard option a and banish how you’ve never done before.

c) Perform some divination over why it’s going south for you.

d) All of the above, except a, o’course.

Now, as for banishing I am sure you’ve got your favorite methods but two of which I thoroughly use whenever I feel gripped by bad luck are:

  • Pass a cord around my body as to absorb the bad luck, tie nine knots in it and trie it lightly around a branch of a tree.

  • Draw an inverted pentagram, slowly, on a paper and retrace it as I pronounce a favorite power phrase. I retrace it faster and fastar until it is a blurry mess of ink, knowing that it captures my bad vibrations. Then after I feel cleansed (you will know), I burn it and scatter the ashes to the wind - hoping it reaches someone who really deserves that shit.

Either way, you will reduce your chances at failure AND/OR give yourself back that sensation of being capable through your divination, if you’re good at it that is. Record your results and give them a deep thought.

After taking some Hipericum (it’s safe, won’t make you feel zoned out or anything, you will just suddenly realize you really don’t have to give to emotion so often), I suggest you take into watching and listening to any media you associate with magickal empowerment. Biographies of famous practitioners, even if they are more a stuff of legend than say someone contemporary like Crowley, help ease your spirit and aim high. This is one of the most important reasons you should KEEP A DIARY, because as a magician you will many times go back and forth betweent thinking negatively about yourself. You will feel like a loon, too old to be believing in fairies and what not, but when you give a look back and see how many times REAL WIERD SHIT happened when YOU WILLED IT? You’ll snap out of it.

2.- You need to slow down / rethink your objective:

Many of you have asked, or will ask, that you need proof that the spirit in question is working, or perhaps that you should first see it and be able to listen to it in order to work. That’s nonsense because actual vision and audition happens EVENTUALLY for most of us, unless you’re a very sensitive person already or perhaps have had a long standing relationship with that spirit from a past life; that’s one of the reasons many spirits will suddenly approach you when you begin in the art of evocation, to remind you of your glorious past deeds and/or future obligations.

SO, write down your god damned purpose. You want money or a stable job? Well why the fuck you need to hear the spirit? Isn’t it already enough you’ve dragged it from its infernal realm of blackjack and whores to squeeze a favor? Thought so. Everything else will come along but you need to set a priority and understand that you should work towards it single-mindedly until you get it.

If your objective is actually developing your senses, well there really isn’t any other way around it but hard practise where you set aside some time of you daily life to work on it, regardless if you got a spirit helping or not.

BUT I’M NOT DONE YET, as we said, confidence is the key. I used to think for some really silly reason that the spirits wouldn’t like me and what do you know? Wish fucking granted! I think most of you believe either that, under a few differences, or maybe are unsure if the spirit can actually reach you.

WHAT DO YOU DO TO ESTABLISH CONTACT? You ring that motherfucker. All you need is to speak over an open flame such as a candle. Just light it, think of why you need that spirit’s help and talk to it as if it were a friend. Explain time constraints, why you need done what and when, and thank it for your attention. Make clear you WILL keep bothering the spirit like that till you get what you want, too.

Do that a few times before the great date when you decide to call over the spirit for whatever reason you really need its presence, and YOU WILL get a visit.

Part three incoming soon.


Okay, so the one time I evocated, it was with Archangel Raphael. I can’t remember why I did it, but I got sick a couple minutes into the evocation. It wasn’t because Raphael was upset or anything (in fact, he was concerned and told me to lie down). I think it was because I had poor energy control. But since then, I’ve stuck with invocations.

What would be your advice for that?


Sorry Prophet! I was busy with stuff. Okay, please answer these questions honestly, and note that I am not trying to pin it on you or anything:

It is fairly normal to feel sick after asking for healing, as far as I remember it has happened to me every time, and I was expected to lie down and let it happen. Hurts at first, you stand up like nothing every happened, but sucks major time.

1.- How much time has passed since that evocation of Raphael?

2.- What other entities have you tried to summon?

3.- Why do you think those evocations failed? Is it for lack of results?

It may be a lingering pact you have with some other entity who does not wish you to contact others, does that ring a bell? If not I suggest you do a good banishing and clear your ritual area, both of energies and dust, and settle for one of the entities I will suggest in the next post.

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Replying to follow the thread, It’s nice hearing that I don’t have to figure out how to open my astral senses to perform successful evocation first.

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Sorry for the late response!

  1. I think it occurred in January of this year.

  2. No, I haven’t tried evocating anything else. Raphael told me to stick with invocations for a while.

  3. I think it was because I was putting too much energy into trying to keep him in the reflective surface.

As for the “lingering pact”, I can’t say for certain… If there is one, the entity in particular has not made it very apparent. Other than that, closest I can think of is this post: Confronting a possible invasive entity

It could be a banishing/cleansing thing.

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THIRD PART: How to work with the 50 Names of Marduk.

Long story short, though the book in which you will find them is titled “Necronomicon” (and is also known as “The Simon Necronomicon”), it really has nothing to do with H.P. Lovecraft eponymous black book nor lore. It was a successful attempt by the authors to feed off the hype surrounding that author’s fiction, and they jumbled together some Mesopotamic texts and beliefs that actually do work on their own.

Is the origin of the sigils legit? I really cannot tell nor demonstrate it, all I can tell you is that they do work, on the simple premise that whoever calls them has the power to do so just for being human. Or inhabiting a human body, whichever comes first lol. The idea is that sorcery was taught to humanity as part of a covenant between us and the gods of Sumer

So, all you need is to list through the Simon Necronomicon and find a “name” to call upon. You’ll find a seal, the name of the spirit associated to that seal and a “word” that is to be recited during your invocation. Sure, this IS AN INVOCATION (calling the attention and support of a spirit, different from evocation which is to have them appear before), but the ensuing phenomena will give you a taste of what is to evoke. You will feel presences, have dreams, and get an idea of what you’re supposed to be going through when you have a spirit over.

Now before we go into the method I advise you that you ignore completely the fatalistic tone in which that grimoire was written. It will be stated that you need to “pass through the seven gates” of the “Zonei” and several other hurdles before you can call on the spirit associated to a name of Marduk, but me and several pals have done so effectively without those requirements.

Obviously enough you will need a copy of the book, which is available in .pdf somewhere around the web. Add to this two candles that you won’t be using for anything more than calling upon these names, some paper and pen, and a free afternoon or night where you can ensure your privacy.

It goes a little something like this:

  1. Draw the sigil upon paper any size you’re comfortable with gazing at.

  2. Set one white candle at each side of the seal, light them and look at the sigil.

  3. Breathe relaxedly and think why you are doing this, why you want assistance. Picture yourself obtaining what you wish in some symbolic way. Want to be rich? Think of yourself hiding a box under your bed with a gross amount of currency. Want to be loved? Well then imagine yourself together with that special person. DELVE INTO THE FANTASY FOR A WHILE, think of how you’d live if your wish had come to pass. It’s not correct to think of yourself with the cash, but rather what you’d be spending it on, the things you would accomplish if you had it, like say start a business.

  4. Once you’re done thinking deeply of what you want to happen, look up to the sky or ceiling and say:

ZI KIA KANPA (Zee Key-Ah Kan-Pah)

ZI ANNA KANPA (Zee An-Nah Kan-Pah)

ZI DINGIR KIA KANPA (Zee Deen-Geer Key-Ah Kan-Pah)

ZI DINGIR ANNA KANPA (Zee Deen-Geer An-Nah Kan-Pah)

Hear me, o you (name of the spirit you invoke), come to me by the Powers of the Word (say the word), and answer my urgen prayer!

ZI KIA KANPA (Like stated above!)


  1. Return your gaze to the drawing of the seal and start thinking again of what you want. Ignore any distractions, raps, presences or noises.

  2. When you feel your concentration begining to wane close the ritual with the following prayer:

ZI DINGIR KIA KANPA (Zee Deen-Geer Key-Ah Kan-Pah)

ZI DINGIR ANNA KANPA (Zee Deen-Geer An-Nah Kan-Pah)

Spirit of the Earth, remember!

Spirit of the Sky, remember!

  1. Put the seal away where no one will find it, likewise with the candles. These are now items that can not ever be used for a different purpse other than working with the same entities of the 50 Names of Marduk; don’t use the candles for anything else. It is said that the seal you just used cannot be given any other purpose but the one you invoked for, so say you asked one of the Names to heal yourself, but now wish it upon any other? It is said you should not. That is bullshit, as the seal acts like a gateway between you and the spirit, and if it is in the capable hands of that spirits to help you so it will.

  2. Go about your day, and if you wish, repeat the ritual the next night at roughly the same time if possible, for three consecutive nights. No more, no less, no day spaced between if you can.

Should you ever wish to dispose of the seal, simply wrap it in black cloth or put it in a notebook with black covers, ask the spirit to close it, it won’t be bothered.


Very Nice my friend.
Just what I needed



Before you jump straight into your objective I strongly suggest you attempt this operation with the spirit named LUGGALDIMMERANKIA (LUGGAL-DIMMER-ANKIA), whose summoning word is BANUTUKKU. He calms the mind like no other can, and sometimes what you really need in life is a breather to stop and reconsider how you’re going to deal with trouble.

Why is it so important? Because the desire for result won’t be killing you inside.

Say I want cash because there are awful bills to pay around the corner, right? What good is it to call on the spirits like a week before the bank breaks my back? Is some mysterious stranger just gonna put a briefcase with drug money on my lap? What are the chances that I suddenly lay a better paying job - or any job for the matter - that will somehow pay me fully those days before first of the month?

Urgency will kill you inside like no other, and it’s not like some maniac from a slasher movie that you can at least run away from.

That’s were Luggaldimmerankia comes in and gives you the power to second guess yourself. To put some distance between your problem and how it weighs in your mind, and as a magician, the only result you need to see to be sure it worked? Is calming yourself down. I strongly suggest you call upon him and have some tea or natural relaxant, maybe drift into sleep after you are done with the ritual, and see what happens.

You will wake up knowing it wasn’t just you and your choice of drug, you will feel and note things that were not there before, and most importantly, you will understand those subtle cues that tell a spirit’s presence.

Before I go I will leave you with this: The only reason you need to see and hear a spirit is when what you seek needs a reply. Magicians develop their senses and relationships with spirits when they need accuracy down to the letter, to see a spirit’s seal, to watch them show you a place where you may find what you seek, or to receive clear instructions. They will come, they will teach but only if you give yourself the authority to command.

And with that book? You basically earnt it by looking for it. I’d search in slideshare if I were you.


Thanks for the post. You think using a magick circle will enhance the process/ the invocation?

Well bruh…

I forgot about the ritual for calming yourself but I did the Ritual Involving Ziku from the Simon Necronomicon.

For the first time I had a Supernatural manifestation while opening the sigil. My phone started shaking in my hand even tho my hand wasnt moving at all :joy:

Long story short, yeah. I have a good feeling about this. I can tell its already accomplished

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I have Read all of your three post…and I could say I have passed through a similar problem when I started doing magic…and the solutions you have given is what I followed till today I’m enjoying doing magic…

For any beginner like I I will suggest you follow this man advice…

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According to E.A if i will note him correctly he said the circle and triangle of manifestation acts as a point of focus for the magician… It help him/her to fully concentrate while performing the ritual…

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Hey there Lupin! The circle only enhances if you actually care for it. For many people a circle is out of the question because of small space, and because explaining why you’re pouring flour in your room is hard lol.

Thing is, these entities are benevolent. If you want to reduce outside influences you should better banish than trust a circle.


Another thing which E.A. has stated is that the circle really doesn’t protect you and that he wished he did. In my opinion depends how good your circle is, but whenever I attempt a summoning I try to have a guardian spirit to keep vigil.

Thing is what I am suggesting here is an INVOCATION, you only get the spirit’s attention and help, not his presence - that happens later but for all the reasons you might not need right now. In other words, evocation is only necessary if you need that spirit’s visible image, like say being taught, lectured or show


Yeah…it’s true…!!

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Dope, thanks for the knowledge!!!


Thank you for all the knowlege brother I read the other parts now will try out the 50 names Thank you extreemly alot :):blush:

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