Failing a ritual

I think that most of us have been confronted to this unpleasant experience, I would like to talk about it.
My personnal case for exemple. I had a “week end romance” with a girl, who was heartbroken by her ex BF. I thought that have a very “red” week end, we were going to try something together, but as the week passes, she start becoming distant.
No problem for me. When problems comes, Black Magick is always the solution. I dont want to be over optimistic, but since I have started this course few years ago, most of demands that I have made to demons have been successfull on a very material plan. Job, career, girls and so on.
So as usual, I picked up a ritual, called a demon, respected the 9 steps of the rituals, had a good presence of the demon in the room, didn’t saw it, but was able to clarify the voice, ask questions and make my demand. So I asked for the girl to love me.

The next day, I tried to invite her on a week end, but she deny me , telling she was busy with her best friend and that she “lived day by day”. Well I was a little disapointed, because most of the time when I ask a demon to bring me something, that thing is brought up …so then what ? I had a conversation with the demon, his agreement for the task, but no result about it.

What do you do in this kind of case ?
Where does the fail come from ? The ritual ? the demon (I choose the right one for the job ? A natural resistance from the target to the demon work ? Something else.

On a purely technical plan, I think that most of us have been confronted to this kind of situation. So what about it ?

Well, how long ago did you do the ritual? Sometimes, spirits need more than a day to do a working, especially when it comes to forging your will upon another. Alternatively, her will to end the relationship is greater than your will to keep it together.

It is my opinion that the failure is on the magician in these circumstances. To many people do a ritual then kick back and expect the results to be hand delivered to them without any effort on their part. Sure I have manifested results like this on numerous occasions but Imo there is no room for failure when you start approaching these beings as masks of power instead of external forces who grant wishes.

Yes, it was done the night before I call the girl back. That may explain things. But honnestly, I’m not so sure.

Most of time, I have manifested results after ritual without having to do something special. That’s what I consider a proof that magick is opering and not my personnal efforts.

Doesn’t sound like your detaching from the ritual your calling the chick in less than 24 hrs? You shouldn’t of called at all just forgot about everything, let the demon work and then answer the phone when she called.

Well, three weeks after , she didn’t called back. So I guess I can consider that a failure. But Indeed, I may have interferred with the demon work by asking her 24 hours after the ritual was made. My mistake.

Anyway, I had 4 others since, so I guess there is a compensation.