Failed to activate sallos sigil

Yesterday I drawed the sigil of sallos and chanted his enn…but I didn’t see any activation sign…like line disappearing etc…although I feel little goosebumps which I feel so often since I once summoned a succubus… so I gave up and masturbated imagining my target…and I burnt the sigil and blew it in wind…

How do I get to contact him successfully…


Hello, while it may not seem like Sallos heard your call, I’m confident that he did. Sending a message to these spirits is a lot easier than you may expect, and by chanting his enn and gazing at his sigil, he was certainly aware of you.

Generally I would suggest being confident in your magick and not worrying about whether or not you got it right, but if you do feel that you made a serious mistake, I made a post recently describing a very simple ritual to contact King Paimon. The same method can be adapted for Sallos, with a few minor changes.

Here are some of the powers of the mighty Duke Sallos, taken from Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield.

To inspire somebody to feel a love for you that causes strong desire and a determination to enact that love.
To inspire a developing relationship to progress more rapidly, and with great lust and passion.
To increase your chances of meeting somebody who is deeply aroused by you, with the potential to love you.

Follow the instructions as I set out in the other posts up to the point where you call upon the demon. For Sallos, you instead say:

In the Names of El, Elohim, Adonai, Ehyeh asher Ehyeh,

And by the power of LAW-VUH-ELL,

I call on thee, mighty Duke Sallos.

The names in the middle are the demon’s associated Shem angel, and the demon’s angelic emissaries. In this context, the Shem angel acts as an advisor and consultant to the demon, empowering Sallos with angelic wisdom and might, and the angelic emissaries serve the demon by rallying the forces of Heaven to assist the demon with his work. The angels may assist in the Creation of new circumstances, that the demon can then modify to more minutely suit your exact needs and desires.

After performing the ritual with Sallos again, don’t worry about the magick. Trust that you made contact, even if nothing obviously “magickal” happens, and it will work gloriously. I’ve also made some posts about some different ways of making offerings to the demons, as well as posts describing why you respectfully command the demons, not the other way around.

(also, if any of the Gallery members are reading this and would prefer that I not share some of the secrets in their books, please let me know and I will not do so)


So should I do the evocation again??

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Also without the sigils in the book this info isnt likely to work correctly.

dont over think
follow your breath
and let everything flow into you,just let that happen

Now my only question is: calling his opposite angel won’t make Sallos pissed ? He’s technically my initiator/patron demon so I’m wondering if that wouldn’t make um :neutral_face:. But I also see where you are coming from !

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Hello, so I get where you’re coming from, but allow me to clarify that a bit more. I wouldn’t say that Lovel is the opposite angel to Sallos, or the angel that “constrains” or “thwarts” him, as a lot of old grimoires say. In some systems of magick, such as the one I follow, the Goetic demons can be connected to the Shem angels, which are themselves derived from one of the 72 Divine Names (traditionally called the 72 Names of God, but I think using the word “God” can create some misconceptions).

Put in this way, the angel and the demon are a part of the same stream of power flowing from the Source, the ultimate Divine consciousness from which all things emanate. They are like “lower” aspects of the Name Lov (which is associated with love, as is Sallos), and because they are a part of the same current of power, they can be called on together harmoniously.

In this way, it’s not so much that the angel is reigning in an unruly demon, but that they are working together and cooperating. The angel assists by providing the demon with access to angelic powers that the demon would not be able to access themselves, and some of the time this has been interpreted as constrainment, which to me implies that the demon is being oppressed by the angel.

In my own experience from working with various demons, not all of whom I called upon with angels, they do not mind working together. If you treat them all with care and respect, while still remembering that you are in charge, then they will cooperate harmoniously, especially if you also work with Lucifer, who helps to connect their power in your life.


:pray: thank you !! Now that makes way more sense !that is a great sercret to help me out, so thank you !

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