Failed petition, progress and advice needed

4 days ago I tried my first petition spell asking a Spirit to contact me in a dream within 3 nights. Sadly I got no results besides that i started dreaming again which i can now vaguely remember after I woke up(As said in my last post, I used to not be able to dream or at least never remember if I did) which is an improvement I think.

In my petition I put out an open invite for any spirit that could fulfil my request, so I was thinking to try another petition but this time aim it at a certain spirit. Would you guys recommend me to try this and could anyone tell me some tips so I can bet a better result?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: In my petition I asked that any spirit that would be willing to fulfil my request visit me In a dream within 3 nights and that they would do no harm. My request was guidance on spirituality and help me improve in this area.

Get good at lucid dreaming. It helps to sleep in and have a journal to write your dreams in right upon waking.

Just a thought…perhaps it’s better to try petitioning a specific spirit, rather than an open invitation to all?

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You started to dream again, so someone heard you. It was there, but you simply don’t remember.

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Actually now that I think of it. I did ask for an improvement and maybe me starting to dream again is that improvement meaning the petition was a success?


Yeah I think so too. Thanks for the tip!

Keep practicing experiments , try and try again , you have decades of living , sooner or later you will succeed

Yes, I will say so.

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Yes it could be, try another petition and be more specific to see what happens.

I agree with the others above. Try a petition to a specific spirit, but this time ask for a specific dream.

For example, write a petition to Lucifer asking him to appear in your dreams in the shape of a young boy (one of his traditional forms). If you dream of a golden haired child, then your petition was successful.

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Should I also ask for a specific request or is “Appear to me in a dream in the form of a young boy.” enough?

Should I also draw his Sigil on the back of piece of paper? And what about chanting his Enn?
Sorry for all the questions, but thanks in advance.

That would be fine for a petition.

If you want to, but it is not necessary with a petition.

Same as above. You can if you want to, but it is not necessary.

Thank you all for your help and tips. I shall try another petition tonight.