Failed evocation

Hi guys,

So I evoked Lucifer and I had to chant his enn like 10 times before he arrived. Maybe he is very very busy on new years evening at midnight lol.

I asked him about a pact between me and him. The pact is about assistance in opening my third eye and crown chakra. I want to make sure every meditation that I do will be effective in terms of mantra chanting and the correct tone.

I could only feel his energy in my bedroom and I explained everything, and suddenly I didn’t feel his energy anymore. He just left, and I don’t know if he’s coming back or if I have to evoke another time or something.

I assume that he has declined my request, I also asked him to give me a name of someone who’s willing to help me. But I couldn’t hear anything, and I couldn’t concentrate properly because of all the fireworks and loud bangs in my neighborhood.

So this time my evocation has failed unfortunately… Any advice on how to proceed? Or what do to ?



Nope it didn’t fail. I’m going to explain you how he works. He was there.


But I’m on a party now so later

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Allright thAnks, i’m going to bed, i’ll check tomorrow. Have fun at your party !

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Cool you will have a message than. Sleep tight

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Good morning @SpaceTravelr,

The evocation didn’t fail at all. That you felt his energy is really positive. It means he has interest in you. That he comes and goes as he pleases is quite common for him.

I have rituals where he only comes when I’m already finished (doesn’t matter how long I do the workings) or on forehand and then he already left .

You have to keep in mind that he already knows that your calling and he knows what you want.

Can you do any kind of divination? If you don’t hear him correctly?

Some tips for you:
a) If you want a pact (not always needed) you need to figure out what he wants in return.
Having that said, I want to say 2 words ‘Dedication and Loyalty’ are things he finds very
important. If he went away quickly the best thing to do is another evocation (dedication :wink: ).
b) If you don’t want a pact, but do workings with him. Give him an offering (cake, wine, dark chocolate, incense/candle, thank you). It all depends on what you could offer. Even dedication in working with Lucifer is an offering :slight_smile:

Then try to follow this steps:

  1. Before evoking him. Write your intend + date and time in a notepad
  2. Evoke him and state what you want, give him the offering or if you want a pact, ask him what he wants. In this you can always ask him if he wants to do this or if another spirit can do that? Ask him to let you know.
  3. Then I would already work on my goal. Research Throat Chakra/Third eye chakra - Clairaudience, Clairvoyance. Look into guided meditation on YouTube on that.

If he wants to let another spirit do it. A spirit will pop up in dreams, something you read or watch.

If he does the job, you will notice changes when you are already starting yourself, like I mentioned in step 3. This mostly take time, but after a while you will notice that if you do the work, you will learn fast. And mostly when you not expect, you will noticed a big change and see that he helped you.

If you want a pact you will get an answer on what he expects. But this can take time. Mostly something you didn’t think of will pop up.

And you can always do divination after that!
Another tip. Write your questions down too. They will set intend that will be answered.

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Borgy explained everything extremely well as usual.

I will add what I know of Lucifer also.

I evoke him weekly, sometimes he shows up as I am setting up my Altar, sometimes after my ritual,sometimes randomly during the day. If you call him, he will be there.

He may only be present for a few seconds, the energy you feel can linger long after his departure. He does not need oodles of human time to know what you want . A few seconds of Human time is sometimes all he needs to show up and know everything (especially if you work with him regularly)

I have had Lucifer recommend another spirit twice. Once was Andromalius and another time Buer.

I have had this before, I repeated a ritual with him 2 nights ago with a Beautiful black skull candle only for him to show up and let me know not only was this not needed he was on with it already from last time and ‘layering up’ was not needed and pointless He heard you… give it time.

As I have got to know him, I know how he is like Borgy.



Thanks for your explanation :slightly_smiling_face: I will store my bottle of red wine for the next evocation.

What is the reason you evoke him every week? I want to do that as well, but I don’t want to bother him or waste his time. Is it spell related? Or are you just having a chit chat with him?

I have meditations that I have to do every two weeks, vibrating specific words to stimulate the pineal / pituitary glands but I want to evoke Lucifer more often but wouldn’t that be overload for him? I asked him to be with me, or take possession of me to lead me to the correct intonations of the words.

Lets say I want to evoke him weekly from now on, with all kinds of spells or other rituals, can I just cast spells every week? Don’t we have to set a time period for see if it’s having any effect ? If you cast too many spells, you won’t see which one had real effect etc


I evoke him to offer him time, wine, roses and other things as a show of respect.

I do not ask him for stuff each time unless there is something bothering me I need help with.

Here are some of my Evocations to give to a idea

I asked him for assistance with a problem Neighbour who was going out of her way to cause harm in my life. The Neighbour moved

I evoked and left him wine and Roses as a thank you. I asked for nothing but his guidance

I Evoked him to give me emotional strength to get over the social anxiety I have remaining over a problem last year. I got some relief

I Evoked him to go after a Man that was a problem in the past for me, who just battered his GF( I do not know her, it was in the news) and abused her. I asked he be wrecked to stop this guy further harming anyone else. This involved a ritual and blood. This Man will be very sorry

I Evoked him on Halloween just for offerings and thanks.

I don’t just ask him for stuff and disappear. I treat him like a constant guide, support, Father and mentor. If I am struggling with something, I talk to him about it at my altar after Evoking him.


I think you are mentioning 2 things. Spell casting and Evocation.
Mostly in a spell you don’t need to evoke a spirit. You set your own intend out there.
And yes the intend needs time to become reality. So I would always focus on one thing and then when it manifested I go to the next. There are sometimes when the goals are related and then it’s no problem to focus on a few things together. But working on a goal is mostly better then randomly do spells.

Beside that you have goals that a Spirit can greatly help with and that is more a ritual. I don’t call that spell casting. You write down your intend an aks the spirit to help you with that.

Once in two weeks is not much. If you work with Lucifer you are going to be practicing every day. Don’t over do it. You can always have a day or 2 off, but it’s mostly daily practice.
And in time you don’t have to overdo it either. Daily practice of an half hour per day is fine.
For example do a guided meditation on youtube on clairaudience daily :slight_smile:



Yeah I think I just have to ramp up the intensity.
I’m following the guide of this book:

It’s from a psychic named Douglas Delong, based in Canada I think.

In his book he says that opening those chakras is a delicate proces and you should go slow, every time you do the meditation it needs time to work properly on the glands in your brain or something.

So that’s why he recommends doing third eye meditation 3 days in a row, and then waiting 10 days to continue with crown chakra meditation.

But he also said that the first 15-20 times could not have effect because you didn’t chant the words correctly. If you wait 2 weeks between each meditation it will take me another year to open up chakras.

So to hell with that advice, I will meditate daily and i’m gonna speed up things, i’m already doing these meditations for like two months.

My pre-meditation is always the void meditation from AdamThoth to get into alpha brainwave state.


Well can do something with that advise. practice a lot but take your rest too.
So in your daily meditations only get that far until you think I need a rest. You always get pressure on your third eye and when you think you had enough take your time