Good morning, first post besides my introduction and if this is not in the right place please move and forgive me.
So magic has always been with me but ive only recently started studying and honing in on areas that i feel are important to me.
The morning of 12/12/2019 i walked out under the full moon to a park with a wooded area i like to spend time with. I asked for any spirit guides to reveil themselves to me and asked for guidence and protection as i often feel lost and without direction or purpose. I keep to myself as i dont connect with or enjoy things most people seem to, ex. I feel a deep connection with nature, earth, universe and feel other realms and dimetions are right at my fingertips but i dont know how to properly access them and i believe working with spirits will help me to overcome fears and limitations.
So back on track. In my minds eye a being of shadow and darkness appeared that i seen once many years ago, i took this being as being a wolf as thats how he appeared to me. It was breif and seemed a shadowy substance that could have been any form. Ive always connected with the wolf.
A name and sigil came to me “Fafnir”
Turns out Fafnir is the name of a nord fire dragon which suprized me cause i wasnt sure the name would turn up any results and there are a few threads here on the forum.
My birth element is water so i can see how having a fire spirit guide to help me along my path and to keep me balanced is helpful.
I havent activated the sigil or called out to this being yet as im very inexperienced with this but im asking if anyone with the time and experience would gaze upon the sigil that appeared to me and give me thoughts and suggestions for developing a close relationship with my guide.
Thank you all and take care.

Remove the sigil unless you want a weak point.

Also, look into the Draconic Path.

Removed. Im wondering what you mean by a weak point? Would that be as a link to me? Thank you.

Well, let’s assume the worst, someone wants you dead or to harm you or maybe get info from you. All they have to do is go through your friend.

People you don’t like or trust will have access to him.

That makes perfect sense and somethimg i did consider before posting.
Thank you for reassuring me and responding.

I am going to post Bean’s sigil publically so people can torture him

Fuck that guy

I personally dont know anyone on the forum or have problems here but there are a few people in my daily life i would literally enjoy destroying​:pray::grin:

Weird. So many people talk about their enemies and wanting them crushed. I just don’t get it. I don’t want anyone dead that bad.

I try to get along with everyone but know i wont resonate well with everyone. Theres too much anger out in the world and anymore if someone wrongs me i do my best to let it go as i fell its important to my personal growth.
It reallys takes alot for a person to upset me unless im already agitated. Im a person of solitude, quiet and peace and some people see that as weakness so they tey and mess with me, like in my work environment cause i keep to myself and theres a rough crowd i work with.
There is one person from my past who i was very close with that sought me out after 16 years, she said everything i wanted to hear and ended up using me til i had enough, i had a bad feeling from the first time she stood me up but ignored my gut instict. She is a person i wish awful things upon. But… i also had a choice in the matter and I let it happen far too long so i take responsibility for myself and own actions. That being the case we have no one to blame but ourselves.

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Well that is a small part, there is a holystic point of view. Your Ascendent can be more powerful than the birth sign. Especially if the ruler of the first House is in dignity, has aspects with the luminaries, is in a cardinal house or is situated in midpoints. So try it summon Fafnir, talk to him. Dragons, faeries, elves and so on are powerful beings

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