Say in a scenario you find out you were a half dryads half human what would you do?

Roll a D20 to check my charm stats?

You can’t be half of a different species. You can have past lives as Fae, but you’re 100% human now, that’s just how incarnation works.


If someone told you that physically you’re such I’d throw it in the trash, as for spiritually, I’d do some soul searching.

Go about my day normally… honestly being a half breed of any kind sounds pretty awesome honestly…

I’d still eat my creme eggs ngl

Do you have dna test that confirms this because I’m pretty sure he’s not.

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Only humans can make humans [physically] pregnant to create a [physical] child.

I’m sorry, we deal with practical magik here, if you want to be indulged in an rp fantasy or otherkin pseudo-scientific conspiracy theory thing, this is not the forum for you.

Otherkin I get, I’m faekin myself. It means fuck all than I’ve had past lives as fae and remember bits of them. Get to grips with being human and carry on regardless; it’s what you signed up for.