Fae (Elf) Familiar?

I dont know much on fae, but they’ve always been a huge passion of mine. Was told once that it was my familiar (by a witch on Instagram); I’ve always been obsessed with them since i was little and always research them, although i never knew what they were actually like. How can I connect to fae more, and what can I do to enhance my fae? Also, what’s it mean to have a fae familiar? How do familiars work? Does the specific type of fae have effect of this? Thanks!

Have you tried using the search function in the upper right of the screen? There are many threads about familiars as well as the Fae.

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I’m still figuring out the site, have only been here for a day. Thank you

I’m from the very land of the Faes! They’re bloody everywhere here. Some of them are very mischievious and others are very helpful. I have a domestic fae known as a Brownie around that’s called Aki. He tends to just help me get in the mood for cleaning and I give him food to eat in return. I saw him flying around my house before in my kitchen.

Faes often like to pull pranks on humans. I’ve always had my money stolen from them only to turn up in a different pocket or things like my crystals on m y altar disappearing. Hell, when I built my first altar with candles, I had a match box and matches in my pocket and they disappeared. One of my matches I had on me just poofed right in front of my face and the rest ended up under my Ipad!

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my other friend posted about his dragon familiar earlier, seems he too was obsessed when he was really young. I can’t seem to find anything on elves, any idea what they do or are about?

Well elves are very unique and come in many forms. Alfheim is the land of the light elves who are hedonists, they’re all about fun and living in the moment. The Dark elves also called Dwarves are from Svartalheim and are masters of forging. The most common ones people work with are called the Sons Of Ivaldi who forged all the weapons for the gods. They made Mjolnir and Brisingamin which is Freyja’s necklace. Only thing is, if you work with the dark elves be weary of their appearance and do not go to them and say or think “They are ugly” because that will piss them off

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I remember being obsessed with dark elves at one point, and alfheim . I wonder if it’s possible one of those may be the type?
how can I find out which fae I’m bonded with?

Meditation and calling forth the Fae you have been working with. Evoking and Invoking them works as well and overall learning about them

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Okay, thank you!

Hmmm that’s interesting… Elves are beings superior to humans :thinking: why would any Fae folk want to become anyone’s familiar I cannot understand but Idk… Maybe I am yet to understand this entire Familiar-witch relationship… Elves will certainly never allow themselves to be slave to humans… This is interesting case…

some people confuse familiar with spiritual teacher or guardian. Fae tend to be one of the beings that are fine with being guardians. Animals or animal like creatures tend to be familiars. As for the superior mentality, elven while individually some consider themselves superior it’s not an objective ideology as many elven and humans have created children in the fae realms. My own personal connection is to the Celtic Fae realms.

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Ah yes, in this manner yes. Thank You for clarification :revolving_hearts::sparkling_heart::heartpulse: It is indeed possible that an Elf or a Fae watches over him :grin:

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@anon48079295 old thread, so apologies for reopening. In line with your connection to the Celtic Fae, do you know anything of the Púca (also spelled Phooka)? It’s a trickster shapeshifter fae and I’m very drawn to it but with no idea why. I have been considering contacting it to try and ask it to be a guide or companion or involve itself with me in some facet, though I’m hesitant because I know what it can do.

Puca can fit into the seelie and unseelie fae groups, they are usually tribal in nature rather than within the fae courts nobility, but that’s mainly because they prefer close knit or lone. I would go ahead with it, it could be something related to a past life that left an impact on what/who your soul is or even a guide/guardian.

@Velenos any recommendations for how to act or interact? Ways to avoid offense, or things I should be wary of?

For example, I’ve heard of its aversion to silver, so I thought to maybe keep a silver dollar in my back pocket as some backup protection. Would this be a good idea if I’m not obvious, or would it be offensive and counterproductive?

Be respectful as you would with anyone you want to keep on good terms, you won’t really need silver, if anything it may piss them off.

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This is exactly what I needed, thank you!

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