Facing discrimination for Occult / Believe in Lucifer, Demons


*of mixtures. Pardon



No because I work for many different companies.


Salutations friend. If I may ask, what specifically are you? Independent contractor? Even if you work for many companies there’s a relationship there. That relationship is subject to rules.


Kind of for music
For Hollywood in house for different projects.

This problem is related to music work.

Oh wow thanks I didn’t know that :blush:


Discrimination and harassment on the basis of RELIGIOUS belief is NOT protected under law, not enshrined in the Constitution, and damn sure not tolerated in this accept all political climate. Get after them mundane, magickal, and everything in the middle. I bet you could find a lawyer that would take you on pro bono. It is LA after all. I’m no fanatic but I’m staunch, and I do not take disrespect toward my Gods lightly.


The problem still seems nebulous though. Could you perhaps explain in more detail? I’m well versed in the military side of Equal Opportunity matters however not so much the civilian but this is America period and the manner in which this is handled may not be as severe as where I come from but you can get it solved if you disclose the right things to the right people.


@Kryyptik The persons involved are British & Canadian not American .

By the way I am also involved in a US Military Industrial project . :blush: I am based in India.

The persons involved have threatened me that I’ll be black listed from working as Music Executive, A&R (Artists & Repertoire) as I have 666 and pentacles, sigils , etc . They saw my pics on Instagram, Facebook.

They stated that I am mentally ill , etc as I believe in Lucifer, demons, etc.

One of the person is my Ex boss (from London) under who I worked last year. I worked hard and provided him My US Hollywood contacts and deals.


Damn friend sound like he got you good but the good news is Canada’s laws about speech are draconian the British not so much but I’ve worked with them and I know the culture is similar. Do me a favor, will you please? Just google Canadian speech laws right now…I’ll wait.


Section 10 of the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms prohibits discrimination based on race, colour, sex, gender identity or expression , pregnancy, sexual orientation, civil status, age except as provided by law .

Found this


What defines “expression” is the question. Mind you I’m no lawyer but if THEY cannot solidly define it then it sounds to me like you can slip right on in there. Do more research on what it means and what it DOESN’T mean. Map out your left and right lanes of fire brother.


Spoken like a true Heathen :grin:


Yea, or more like someone not to fuck with lol


Would that be in reference to me?


Sorry someone liked one of my posts but they only enjoyed the topic so I’m a little confused as to whom is addressing whom.


I would just ignore them. I mean, they’re not like us, they’re not able to shape dimensions to their will nor control their energies around them.

It’s like comparing a small stone with the power of a river. The stone may mock the river, but its waters aren’t something the stone could ever handle, it’ll only drown.


Recently I’ve noticed that I’ve been facing discrimination and insults; like the other day, standing in the supermarket with my Church of Satan T-shirt, ‘Fuck Jesus!’ badge and blood engorged, Penis Rampant hat-pin or that time I told the congregation I’d been raped by the Baby Jesus. Starting to wonder whether having ‘Get Fucked!’ tattooed just above my eyebrows was a good thing.

I keep my beliefs to myself so I don’t have Instagram & Facebook with Pentacles, Lucifer sigil, etc. And that’s the thing – operating below the radar.



This and many similar things are the reason for the only there rules on magic:

  1. If you planning something keep it in secret.
  2. If you doing something keep it on secret.
  3. If you did something keep it on secret.
    I already mentioned this here. If you made your believes and practices public you will become a target on some people or people around you will believe you are fool or moron.


Let them think what they want most people can’t even put enough energy into a thought to get their own lives straight. I agree with the secrecy of workings but some people just prefer to live their lives as THEY CHOOSE. If you are a staunch Satanist then you are not likely to wish to keep your beliefs under wraps. Faith/practice is an expression of the individual and that should be screamed in the face of any who would attempt to subvert individualism. If this were happening to the faithful of christ, you bet your bottom dollar everyone on this forum would have heard the uproar. I understand not everyone enjoys the same freedoms I do but surely everyone deserves to? Live your life in the light or half and half…ah to the midden with it! @King do you, don’t listen to the haters, don’t tune out wisdom, and remember people fought for the right of these assholes to be assholes because chicken shits like these have probably never been in the same room as an assault rifle. The least you can do is fight like a madman for your own rights and freedoms and use the laws that allow pricks like this to word vomit to shut them the fuck up!


A lot of good ideas. I didn’t want my work and some acquaintances to know about my anarchist activities in the past. What I did was change the privacy setting on my page (especially on Facebook). I made it only so my friends could see my whole profile. It’s not completely hidden. One could still find me but they can’t look at my info, pics, or posts. I also have censored old associates that I no longer identify with their philosophy. Basically made it so even though they have access to my profile they can’t see certain post from me. So basically any political or Occult post a make they don’t see. It’s done individually but it’s worth it for the sanity or not having to argue down an overzealous Christian or endless politicking with someone on the opposite spectrum. I also don’t specify my political or spiritual views at work either. It’ll have people guessing but you won’t have a bunch of grief from peers about those particular areas.


Definitely not my preferred method @KingB but you may not be the kick them in the teeth type so I would say look into the ideas this fine mage has put forth. Great post.