Facing discrimination for Occult / Believe in Lucifer, Demons


1 easy solution, fuck them up lol.


Damn my family is from Patna. Didn’t know Patna has a occult scene


I got insulted all my life while being a christian, atheist, occultist & spiritual.
In the present moment i’m on a stage of less resistance and i just project my heartspace unto everyone and anything. In my experience this is the highest aproach if you want to have a fulfilled and peaceful life no matter what.

Never forget this folks! You Bind someone, you get binded in the same way. So at the end of the day is up to you to make others suffer or be joyful at the cost of your own suffering and joy.



Aren’t you from Kolkata? What about rohingya Muslims, Mamta is trying hard to make WB a safe place for them.


I know and that’s why the bitch is going to lose this time. For sure. Any way talking politics is against the rules here. So better to refrain from talking about it.


Okay dada
one last question paani kaise kha lete ho app log? lol


much agreed,

i instantly felt as those confrontations came from a state of fear within his peers.

The fact that you post pentagrams and such can also easily be swiped away with “it’s for a metal band i train / work with”, as in the music field there is plenty of this stuff well accepted,
and this way you basically claim it to be non of your own interests,
but just a side project they don’t have to care about too much.

When they really spike interest from that point,
you can still get some musicians in school grade for reference.
(there’s plenty on the successless grade. Look for Rock / Metal / Industrial / Ebm, you’ll quickly find a name none of them ever heard, and choose someone who’s obvious about being dark / demon focused, that makes it quite easy to cope away from further questions.)

I’d suggest that aproach for those you don’t want to scare off,
and get to shut up.
But more for the peers you just need a topic switch and to focus on the actual work at hand.
Heck, there’s at least 50 more ways to explain some of that stuff away.

Don’t forgett, most occult practice is indeed hidden from public eye.




It doesn’t :blush: I am the whole scene :neutral_face::blush::upside_down_face:


I myself am a goth :blush: I compose gothic Industrial, EBM tracks too !

One of my tracks A Pleasant Haunting


well, then it’s part of your buisness and shouldn’t be questioned.
In this case, just answer it with:
But there’s “x amount of people!” -who really like what i’m producing,
and help me invest to keep the buisness going.

In this instance,
you even have the benefit of hitting them on their strongest point,
and crushing.

just don’t allow yourself to get talked down to much.
It’s perfectly fine, to stop other people’s thought patterns when they’re full of shit.

oh yeah, i like that song.
It’s a little strange to me,
as your youtube was completely empty.

The song is much more lightful then i expected.

Lumiel would be proud. xD





I don’t have the resources to make videos that’s why YouTube is empty.

And currently I am working as an executive producer for a Hollywood movie.


Kind regards :blush::star2:


well, just randomly recommending King Paimon here…

Don’t know why… :man_shrugging:t2:




Wait, its 2019 and you don’t have resources to make videos? I thought every smartphone came with a camera and you can get free software for editing videos. I know because I have my own youtube channel too. (not occult related)


Dude ! STOP, please !!! :pray:


@Goku What ???


I don’t want to make videos using smart phones. So waiting for the right opportunity.


I just thought I would add this article here. Perfectionism used to be a big stumbling block for me in terms of reaching my goals. But actually you can make great works of art with simple and sub standard tools. You can always upgrade them later.


@Jastiv Video production, editing was never my field of expertise, music production and composition, programming is.

And I don’t have time to learn editing, etc.

My time has always been divided between music production, working as A&R, Music Executive online (Last year I sent artists for American Idol auditions), auditioning film composers, some with Major Hollywood studio credits and now working as an Executive Producer for movies. And I am going to develop a basic story for a Hollywood movie too in the future.


Does the company you work for have any type of Equal Opportunity office or anti discrimination representative you can speak with? I am a Satanist and it said so on my dog tags. I had to brief every one of my Commanding Officers as to why I needed the day after Samhain off because I’d be too drunk and tired to make workcall. There’s a time for subterfuge and a time for not so subtle action then a myriad do mixtures thereof. Hope that helped but I realise that not every industry everywhere is regulated in the same fashion.