Facing discrimination for Occult / Believe in Lucifer, Demons



I am facing discrimination and insults due to my Wiccan/ Faith in Lucifer/ Demons by some of my professional peers online.

How do u guys deal with this ?

No they are not Christians.



In college a lot of people dislike me because of my beliefs. They used mob mentality on me on an occasion. I just ignore such morons.

The boy stopped coming to campus and if he returns this year I will make sure he never comes back again. The girl broke down in tears on one occasion.

Your Spirits got your back so don’t sweat it. A Lion doesn’t need to prove himself to sheep.


A binding might be useful.


Multiple ways:

  1. Keep your practices sub rosa.
  2. Ignore them.
  3. They’re just some online dudes, why do you even take their comments seriously?
  4. Fuck what people think. winks to a specific person who knows what I mean


What sort of discrimination? Is it hurting your career? If not, then ignore it.



They’re threatening to blacklist me due to my beliefs .



They’re my professional peers, I work online with. I am based in India. They’re from Britain & Canada Music Industry.

I work for Music Industry & Hollywood Films, Tv


Like they’re not heads dip into Occult themselves lfmao… I’d still say ingore them and keep being you, but if you’re afraid I’d say attack is the best defense. Confront them, try to find out what they’re into, play it big.


Why do they care? How is it relevant to how you do your job? I’d bind those fuckers from doing you harm and let your work speak for itself.


Only religions demand martyrs, if you seek power, clarify that you were exploring “experiential spirituality” to fulfil your artistic quest for the taboo and the disruptive, and then start talking about meditation or something a lot, and thereafter, quietly keep your beliefs to yourself. This is my suggestion, loss of worldy power to become a mouthpiece for spirits (who do not tend to demand religious zealotry) is probably not your role in life if you have another calling to the arts.

Tnis is just my opinion on a possible way to handle this.


I do my job honestly, recently saved artists from a fake music company from Canada .

I won’t work in music industry now only Hollywood films.

Thank You :blush:


I keep my beliefs to myself . Some guys from Britain & Canada saw my Instagram & Facebook with Pentacles, Lucifer sigil , etc. I told them it’s my personal page. Yet they insult and threaten me.


You could start to upload completely different material to dilute this maybe?

And push the angle I suggested, acting like you are a detached observer of these symbols and their transgressive powers, then start talking about meditation. Most western people by now think they “should” meditate and they fail to maintain a daily practice of doing so in their lives, so it’s a very good topic to create discomfort and make people stop talking to you.

I posted something like this here:

You may be able to apply the principles online. The best method of hiding a thing is to make people not want to look for it.


Thanks :pray::blush:

By the way I visit my Baptist Church wearing my Pentacle openly ! :blush:

Best wishes for 2019

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Aren’t you from patna? Now even patna have christians? A bit strange.


Yeah, stop throwing pearls before swine. It’s a waste of time and annoys the swine.


If its career related, you can get HR involved or in some cases legal action can be taken.

Magically speaking, I do agree their swine, but sometimes for healing to take place, the swine needs to be punished. Do as your heart tells you. Consider the path with heart. See the story of Oshun.


Yes :slight_smile: where were you for the last 100 years :slight_smile:


Lol, West bengal.


A lot of times I wonder what would be the impact of my professional peers knows that I am into Infernal Spirits, magick and all that. My profession is what the Americans call "a pig":pig2: and the English “the fuzz” :joy:. I think telling people about your spirit connection would bring about a specific reaction and telling people that you are into magick would bring another reaction and probably would weaken the effect of your magick in general. What have y’all experienced?