Facing a Loa? (Help and what should I do?)

I’ve had a bad streak of bad luck, obviously. And yesterday FINALLY was able to resolve some issues that I had with Lucifer, and I feel like that this help me to freed my mind a little bit and also my mother was able to get an answer, the answer about who the f*ck is making our life really disgusting right now. She had some visions in the past about the people who are hurting us, and she saw that them are working with “someone with a hat”, last nigth the mame came: “Baron Samedi”

What am I supposed to do? I don’t want to bother Lucifer anymore because he will have the universe and the dimentions… BUT I, as a beginner, have Google!
So … meeh, today I’m going to start the investigation. But I would like to get some advice, I mean, should I enter into an agreement with the spirit? something to protect my house? What am I facing at? Anyone have experience with the Baron?
Is the Baron a mask of someone else?


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No baron isn’t a mask of someone else he’s his own person. Most “masks” aren’t really even masks just people forcing connections where there is none. Baron at least in my experience is pretty lax but not in a “bullshit” kind of way.

If you’re trying to enter into an agreement figure out what it all is and don’t rely on google because you’ll just frontload your experiences and ruin it.


I am sorry but what is a “Loa”?

Okay, thanks
Yes, I mean, the people who are causing us harm and disasters work directly with him, and I have experiences like this in the past and, is just approaching the spirit, with respect and say: Well, you got your agenda, I got mine “Fighting” is a waste of time, why not continue with our own paths?
Yes, some peace agreement. And I meant to look the basics of Loas cultures in Google because I’m totally ignorant in that.

Google is love, google is life.


In a simpler way they’re the African Gods.

All right thanks!

No problem, you’ll find more under voodoo or hoodoo

Exactly. The Akashic Records (mundane version)

I’ve found that petitioning Papa Legba for protection against the Loa works.

Talk to Lucifer again. Trust me on that one. He’s not gonna get mad or think you’re wasting his time.


Well Baron Samedi is a really sexy guy, fun and flirty. Just summon him and invite him to Coffee and a sweet cake with fruits, berries are ok. He is easy going and he likes jokes and to laugh a lot, is electrifying. Be careful not to fall helplessly in love with him


This is how I experienced him when I was allowed to etheric project to his domain.

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Ok, haha. Well I’ll try it… Wait, what? but I’m already “taken” :sweat_smile:

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Hiya OP! There are a lot of Baron Samedis, so maybe if you describe the ways in which your life repulses you, it’d narrow it down- and then I can help orient your action! :slight_smile:

Lol the Real Baron Samedi not imposter spirits or thoughtforms I would say.

There’s a lot of Lwa that share that same name! The power is in the presentation; the root or operative mechanics of the being are identifiable through the particulars of its manifestation. It’s like trying to see what body part is surfacing into the world, and the manifest features are a bigger indicator of the source than the name. Just a matter of finding the right tool for the job! :slight_smile:

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There’s Ghede Semadi, Baron Samedi, but they are often considered different aspects of the same singular deity or brothers one representing the crossroads and one representing death itself. There’s also Baron Cimitière, Baron La Croix, and Baron Kriminel. I find that many share the first aspect of the name Baron, but not all of them are called Baron Samedi.

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I’m talking less about the variations of baron samedi and more like which body part is active in the spell, if that makes sense! :slight_smile:


I thought he resides in the astral plane. I want to etheric project so badly. Just have to figure out how.

Is it easier to etheric project or astral project?

My view of the astral is that it’s a plane akin to the mental plane, not the plane where living entities reside, but a plane where thoughtforms reside but everyone and everything can enter and create due to the density being so loose.

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