Facial Distortion Technique in Evocation

I know most here evoke spirits to physical manifestation but I’m wondering if any of you have had experience with the facial distortion technique. It is attributed to Carroll Poke Runyon and is also published in Donald Michael Kraig’s Modern Magick. I’m thinking of experimenting with this technique. Anyone has any experiences with facial distortion within the black mirror for evocation? Thanks.

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I worked with that technique (both directly at my face/part of body- seeing just your hand reflected is another aspect, vs not seeing your self... how mirror can be used to "scry" but without "scrying-eyes" just seeing and the visual distortion)- first in Yoga related, and then related to wandering-entities. 

I’d be sure and strongly distinguish “physical Manifestation” from what EA calls “at the crossroads” ie in a place that isn’t in this area, a strongly ‘shifted’ mental state- each from what can be called “astral manifestation” (which I’d agree, as EA put it that’s sort of a MutuallyContradicting ~Oxymoron)- mostly ending up an inspired thoughtform (greater or lesser activating Vision-creativeimagery system). And all three of those are contrasted to the “evoking to ‘physical’ manifestation inside a mirror” (to add emphasis to the phrasing that Mr. Runyon uses-)

I can appreciate the method of auto-hypnosis and combination of stimulus he uses… but to say that isn’t scrying, which uses a mirror, by using a mirror, seems purposefully confusing to me.

I wonder if this was done to try and give method that gives results-
(it can be frustrating to have many systems that refer to physical manifestation and readers think how can that be? actually physical? and writers of pop-culture magical instruction (another paradoxical oxymoron?) want to be able to give step-by-step… and yet without activating the “xfactor” and having the technical details (usually needing contact and thus coop with Entities)… the steps may not give results even if followed…

but still to choose either “in the mirrior, not physically but astral/mental” or “not in the mirror, but physically present”… it seems the method is more the first (and yet doesn’t require the “astral facility” and thus a mental-state so shifted that clearly remembering is difficult.

<< I find if when you finish you don’t feel like you stepped out of the screen of a movie and have little recollection of what happened… its there, but like happened to someone else and a sense of “whoah” … if one feels like you were just waving your arms and speaking to the air, or even speaking to “someone” in the same usual-state-of-mind… then that’s not quite evocation -phys or to the Xrds… >> but it could be via the mirror distortion.

 Another idea- use all the mirror-facial distortion method- but no mirror, instead looking at the "auric-colors" (if you can see them, if not used to doing that- try as if.. )...  can branch into that via Shadows also (although that can be more radical)...  so in other words- the usual-vision but shift what aspect is viewed (vs changing the mind that is acting and thus the senses them selves)

I hope the handful of concepts crunched in above can inform if your interested in- [ and if the words typed here are just read as words, that's like the magical-exper just being in Nrml state of mind... thus the above isn't supposed to be in Nrml speak, so it reqs unpack-and plant the seed ]  luck to you

Thanks. It was kind of hard to understand what you were saying at times but I think I got the gist of what you were saying.

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I know most here evoke spirits to physical manifestation but I'm wondering if any of you have had experience with the facial distortion technique.

Exactly - so why would we want to waste our time with a party trick that any child can do?

Because it’s not the only type of evocation out there. Not everyone feels a need for the spirit to be physically present. As long as the spirit can be seen and heard and the job gets done should be all that matters. Just because you don’t agree with the methodology doesn’t mean you should put it down or insult those that practice such a method. Try respecting other’s methodology.

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different tools (and even different approaches to the same tools) do allow different applications (as well as not one-size-fits-all, different Practitioners character may connect better with certain (most of all, each indiv sees different things and diff elements, even if we think we are talking about the same thing).

Whether an approach is used as steps in learning, or to elicit different insights in contrast (ie try a different method, and then decide not to use it again, but realize and recognize different aspects about one's tried-and-true from that trying of else).

Hey there- Baphomet, have you tried any of the referenced techniques, either before or since your posts above? if you felt motivated to write what you experienced/found- I think would be valuable …

 [even reading Poete Maudit's question- "why would we want to spend time on XYZ?"  if take the charge from it- the question could well be, what do you see in it?

 -and in terms of having a strong-dismissive judgement, why not? a way of one saying they don't see value, could just be they hadn't discovered something that would lead to see value in it, or perhaps a non-fit...   and LeftHand path, or even just BALG Ascent, 
 what care an Awakening Mage (let alone a sleeping-God) if others disagree?  :)

to circle around- an issue I have with the topic of this thread (tech referenced)- that group referenced traditionally there are two types “astral” (or non-phy) evoc, vs Physical… and they say it is the second (it could be argued it is more the first, but more so- I’d say it isn’t either, but a third)… could there by aspects more easily contacted?
ie how Ouiji isn’t the best tool, but used to Contact certain Entities, even if only spell a couple of letters, and then converse more Directly-- they are distinct type of Entities it seems aren’t found as easily via other methods?

Perhaps Mirrror flicker can also find a unique type of entities or energies more so than another method? -just a thought as I write this…