Face The Qareen

Facing My Inner Devil - My Qareen.

The Qareen is the inner Jinn/Shaitan within us, all of us have one, this is Islamic belief as well as Arabian pre-islamic belief too. The inner devil, this inner dark jinn is the darkness and evil of ones soul, whilst also being its own sentient being. Just like a venom symbiote it acts as a devilish fiend within and you are its host, this is for everyone.
Some are petrified of this and they pray, they beg and cry to fight against it, i however am now embracing it.

It is the most agonising and painful, yet transformative and powerful experience I have ever been immersed in. Imagine if all your negativity, all your hate, all your wrath, your sins, your darkness, all that inner evil which has been committed or is a dormant potential of limitless evil within you. The urge to kill, the urge to devour, to relish in war, sex, pain, drugs, party and chaos. The very hell within, the very evil and malevolent aspects of the self actually embodied as a living free individual sentient being, that looks identical to you, with dark features.

If you fight it, resist it, war against it, try and ignore it, he/she will devour you. Drive you to self loathe, drive you to drink, do drugs, hurt yourself, destroy yourself and your life, even poisoning the heart and mind. Which can lead to all unwanted things like depression, anxiety, suicidal tendencies, PTSD and so on.

I had no idea it had been this wicked bastard ruining me all along, I manifested all the sex, money, revenge, drugs, drink, party, anarchy. I indulged in every carnal desire of the flesh and still I was miserable, with all the knowledge and power I had obtained it never satirised nor did it even make me happy. It was my inner devil, my inner jinn, my Qareen all along, now you would think I’d banish him, exorcise him, it doesn’t work like that.
If you even purge yourself in the lake of fire itself and you are rebuilt by its infernal magma, piecing the soul back together with the very fibre of the hell-realms itself, then so would the Qareen be rebuilt too.

Now after a long late night journey into the vast desert, I took a long vast journey into my rotten soul, into my blackened heart and into the abysmal darkness of the inner devil that is my Qareen. I must embrace him for if I resist this inner and outer chaos will always pursue, to deny it would be to deny the self and that is the worst decision a magician could ever make.

Let’s buckle up motherfuckers, it’s gonna be one hell of a ride.




Is this like another side of our personal shadow or completely different?

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Congratulations for your ritual in the desert.

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It essentially is another interpretation of the shadow self. When Conner here mentions “inner djinn” it is mostly used in a metaphorical sense in this manner. However, there is another variation of belief that the Qareen is the human double or companion. Qareen literally translates to “constant companion” in their language. Through observation of the initial post, I think two different perceptions are being mixed together.

Here is a link that explains things decently:


Fascinating, I come from a muslim background despite no longer holding these views. As mentioned in the forum’s misc thread, Iblis manifested to me a couple weeks back whilst in meditation and gave me a cryptic message. Since then, I’ve been interested in the topic of jinnic magic. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your stuff on this subject, especially if you decide to work with Iblis in particular.

Personally, I always interpreted the Qareen as aspect of the self, possibly the shadow self or the higher self/personal daimon.


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Better than trying to place it into another being, the AZAZEL goat, and then try to destroy that.

Some poor fucking animal that did not harm to anyone.

Holy fuck we all have so much metaphysics to unwrap. :laughing:


This is my own version of something…

To say no to Oneness. To be separate.

To fight. To feed. To fuck. Is all of live (evil).

When you realize why Satan punched god (Lord) in the face, and what the real fall was. Why Satan turned evil (live). To be free. To be separate. What the Great Mother Dragon is/was. The snake in the garden.

Cells dividing is the eternal war. Life is divine warfare against the Lord.
The forever Fire. The divine flame. Lucifer’s living light, if you will. Fire made into flesh.


Loving this…!!! Can absolutely identify with this post…

Will most Def be following

My understanding is that it is possible to tame your qareen and once trained they can are capable of doing the following:

  • Obtaining information on any person in the world. Every human has a Qareen so if you make your Qareen your servant it can talk to others of its kind and report back to you.
  • Knowing how to cure illnesses.
  • Finding lost and stolen things.
  • Influencing others Qareen to get that person(s) to do whatever you want.
  • Being aware of anyone who is coming to see you before they arrive.

*Taken from: https://mythology.net/mythical-creatures/jinn/

Would anyone have any insight on how communicate with one in order to accomplish this?

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Hey @Samael-Azazel, Check out @Lady_Eva 's " Dark self- an excersize from Azazel" but push the intension of contacting and communing with your personal “Qareen” if the manifestation doesn’t occur directly… Ask your inner Daemon to provide you advice or solution regarding how to contact… Otherwise I would direct a detailed and Profesional request through P. M. directly to @C.Kendall… He’s an amazing practioner, forum vet, and recently turned pro BALG author( hopefully a hired pro teacher of mine in the near future once I pull my head from my ass and dedicate my time and funds, proving more difficult than anticipated lol). But he usually likes it when you show initiative and respect for his work… Should reply with help if he’s not busy… Good luck…

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