Face of Lucifer?

I guess this fits in general discussion, I did a prayer to Lucifer last night, I kinda felt like I should say something to acknowledge him, It may sound odd potentially, but, I’m only experienced in sigil magic and not much more, I’ve wanted to explore the left hand path for some time but I kinda didn’t know where to start, so I thought back to how I would pray back when I still considered myself a Roman Catholic (raised in a RC family) and just changed the focus to lucifer, it was more of a case of saying "I acknowledge you, and I remove any hostilities that my previous religion may have installed in me towards you, may I work towards understanding your light"
during this prayer I had my eyes closed but a face appeared in my vision none the less, at first it looked like a blond haired girl and then it morphed rapidly into a male face with completely blacked out eyes moving in a motion as if it was turning to look me in the eye, there was a slight grimace on his face which felt like both a question and a challenge at the same time, quickly the face became as clear as if I had my eyes open, at which point I got a little shocked and my eyes open on reflex… Since I’m very new to this side of things I was wondering what you guys think of this… face of lucifer? or something else? Any similar experiences?

A bit of background on me: As a child I could see and hear spirits without trying, only one ever spooked me but most I wasn’t worried about, an event happened that may have stopped my ability to see spirits which I mentioned in the topic I posted in the E.A section, but I have still been able to involuntarily be contacted by spirits and people alike in my dreams, in the case of the living I have had the other people involved also recount the experience without prompting so I count that as verified. I’d never pretend to be an expert at anything in this regard, I just want to learn to master it all and explore all paths available to me that resonate with my intentions.


Keep doing what you’re doing. You’re obtaining results. Meditate on them after, and keep a journal / grimoire and document what you did, your steps, what you experienced. You will gain insights into your occult work and what techniques work best for you.


I love hearing stuff like this as it makes my vision all the more plausible as opposed to some kind of brain farting masturbatory hallucination my first vision of Lucifer was what I thought was a long haired blond woman riding on back of a magnificent white horse with white robes but as I went further into the vision the face took form and it was obviously a handsome guy there was glowing light radiating from them and a feeling of awe and a welcoming feeling its now etched into my memory.

I guess he can choose to come to us in whatever form he thinks will please us I dont know but such similarities cant be put down to sheer coincidence surely.


Indeed, I have kept a log, I used to prefer writing about my works but I discovered I couldn’t find a comfortable order for my entries, so for the most part im keeping digital logs now, so much better since the order can be rearranged as I go.
It took a while to get comfortable with this but in the end a diary is a diary.

I feel that at some level the expression on Lucifer’s face may have meant a few things.It could be that Lucifer could see old dogmatic attachments within me from the past belief system which may lead to questioning my reason.Or it could be a case of challenging my resolve. Or perhaps something else. I will have to obtain more results, refine my intentions and work on this. I’ve been thinking of perhaps doing a candle meditation on this.

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Awesome! I was hoping someone had a similar experience, whilst intuitively I already knew this was Lucifer, I felt that it would be wise to attempt to verify the experience, much like you said, to make sure it wasn’t just a brain fart!

If you dont mind me asking, did you use any particular method to achieve your vision maninthedark?

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Yes it does sound like you have made contact with Lucifer. Whatever exercise you have done if any are starting to stimulate clairvoyant power.
Keep up the work.


It was during one of the first few attempts to open his sigil I got myself in a really deep meditative state and then charged his sigil and well there it was but even before then I had an impression almost like looking at something through a frosted glass window like something half seen but not if that makes sense it was just out of reach of my mind.


Just an update.

I’ve been studying for a diploma in angel reiki, When I looked at it its basically another system of evocation, at least from my perspective. So much like how I did the prayer I lay down and proceeded to do a reiki initiation on myself but instead of calling the angels I called lucifer and changed the words appropriately to fit with Lucifer, the bringer of light, and changed the intention from evocation to invocation.

This time I didnt see a face, in honesty I was hoping to, however, this time I clearly saw his sigil!
This has actually been something that I wasnt sure about, because as you search the net and books for information there’s a lot of confusion regarding satan, the beast, and lucifer so prior to this I wasnt sure If I should use the Sigil or not (the one from the grimoire of truth) but with my eyes closed in the dark I could clearly see the sigil form with perfect angles and straight lines (note: I had not looked at the sigil at any point yesterday or before going to bed).

The sigils lines were black and even though the rest of my vision was in the dark, the borders of the lines seemed to be illuminated.

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Could you send the initiation ritual to me and how you changed the worlds?

I shall post it for all :slight_smile:

The Angel Reiki initiation:

Sit quietly with your palms open (in my case I lay down)
Take 3 deep breaths
say “angels please come to me” 3 times
With your finger, scribe the reiki power symbol on your palms and above your head.
say: "angels please connect me to the angelic kingdom of light and bring angelic light into my body and life. please join me to the universal truth so I can see and understand. let this state remain from now onwards. let me bath in the glory of your light.2
Say: "angels please attune my body and chakras to channel more angelic light ant to allow the universal wisdom to flow"
Rub your palms together
Sit/lay quietly for a moment.

In my version I changed any instance of angel to Lucifer, it seemed fitting since Lucifer is the light bringer, most of the words and the intent behind this seem to line up. You can easily google the Reiki power symbol in english lettering its called “cho ku rei” pronounced “cho ke rei” according to my course. The rest of the changes were pretty much spoken from the heart in the “Say:” parts. I believe the most appropriate thing is to be completely honest with lucifer, who better can tell if you are dishonest with him or indeed yourself. But also I maintained an openness I tried to be empty of expectation, however, I didn’t succeed at this as I did want to see his face again… Ill get better at that though.

In terms of the practice I just let it flow, there were silent moments where it seemed the words became elongated or with pauses in them (all naturally) it was during these states of “mu” or emptiness that I saw the sigil for myself in my minds eye.


It also just occurred to me that I should somehow use this sigil in some way, I’ve considered charging the sigil and casting it as I would when I’m practicing chaos. Or perhaps I should integrate it further into the Angel Reiki method that I have used along with the power symbols. Time to Experiment!

Thanks Kurtis! Prior to the prayer, I did no exercises, I was watching some of the videos on E.A’s channel and pondering where I should begin, it occurred to me that Lucifer would have knowlege of all angels and demons, as well as great wisdom and influence over all that is touched by his light, So I quickly decided that I would try to make contact with Lucifer. It worked! I’m keeping a log of my progress, and trying to incorporate other methods that I’m learning.

I’m not really well set up yet in terms of a decent work space for magical rites/prayer/meditation, so I made do. I do hope to be able to have a space that I can dedicate to this path in the near future though.

cyberrend. Hi. I just wanted to say a couple things about your experience. Congratulations on your contact with Lucifer. He is awesome! I believe that you did see him. He can of course appear any way he chooses to look but I have noticed they are so kind that they adjust their look to make the human they are dealing with comfortable. If you expect a red skinned demon with horns you very well may get that. He has a sense of humor! He often does have blonde hair and he does look feminine as well quite often. He is gorgeously handsome though and actually tones it down for us. I have seen him in his more original form and although it was just for a second (I think it was a slip on his part) it took my breath away. But who wants to be loved for their looks right? So he reigns it in for us or we would not be able to focus on anything but that when we se him! lol! (maybe that’s just me!) He is very patient and loves to teach. He showed you his sigil. This is because this is what he wants you to use when you call him. I could be wrong but when I was considering responding to you this is what I “heard” Don’t use the reiki symbols. Use his. (I don’t know… Did you use the reiki symbols of power?)

Also he is the light bringer. However I want to just say something. The word light is referring to knowledge. Without knowledge or prior to the knowledge given to us, we were “in the dark” and he gave the first humans knowledge. They taught us how to grow food, make tools and weapons, build homes, clothes, makeup and jewelry - and basically most of the things we know now have been taught to us by them. We do owe them so much. And he is still teaching us! I can not understand how they say he is so evil and bad. lol! All I see is good. But don’t call him an angel! He doesn’t like that. His “light” as far as physical light, is not angelic or heavenly. He said to not call (I’m sorry I am not criticizing because I don’t know I wasn’t there but maybe it isn’t for you but others who are going to take this initiation and do it) He said do not call on the angelic or heavenly light when you call him. He sounded kinda annoyed, so I am putting this here. I hope it’s ok.

Thank you for sharing your experience and for writing the words that you used here for us. I hope you have really great experiences in the future with him…

Oh! I remember. I think you have to do a ritual where you denounce (renounce? Take back all the things you said and did in the name of Christianity) all the teachings of Christianity and the lies. That is what I originally intended to say but I got sidetracked with the whole tell them this thing. I get nervous!! Anyway, I did it and it helps. It’s kind of an exorcism of sorts. I guess I can share it in the forum somewhere if you want but I am not putting it here. (length) So yeah. Maybe that was what the look was for. He does hate Christians. Anyhoo, I’m going to go now! Sorry for the book!


Haha, no apologies necessary, I enjoy a good read :slight_smile:

Thats great actually, As with all experimentation, it starts with an idea, then a hypothesis, and then a method is attempted.
Dont worry I dont take it badly at all, I actually appreciate the insight and it does have a sense to it TBH.
Kinda like how Lucifer’s face appeared when I did the initial prayer, insisting on releasing the dogma that had been previously programmed into me. Hmm so I guess I could either look at traditional summoning, or perhaps I can adapt the reiki method to completely exclude other angels and the reiki symbols and use his sigil in place, keeping angel reiki to one side for when I’m practicing the healing arts, and keep my work with Lucifer separate, in terms of how I view the angels, I see them more as egregores, so I choose not to associate them with the christian god but rather their "vocations"
As I write I realise that clearly I have quite a bit to learn of the whole picture and I certainly agree that light has more than one meaning in this instance. Thanks for your contribution though, the more people contribute the more commonalities and links I perceive.

I would appreciate the exorcism though, if you could post it up or send it over in a message I would appreciate it :slight_smile:


May I know, why did you converted from RC?

Ok SO I did hear correctly. See? He DOES love you! lol! He’s talking to you now! Meaning he did say that stuff to me and I’m not crazy! I love when things get confirmed even though I KNOW they are real and do talk to me. So yes. He was telling you to use his sigil and to just call him. All the light stuff actually …did you know they feel pain? Well they do. And that causes him discomfort.

And angels are not egregores. They are very real and were around way before us. As is Lucifer and Satan. (many try to claim they aren’t.) I have a different view of things I guess… But you of course believe what you want.I have just had so many… how do I say this? I have been clairvoyant my whole life. I have been aware of the other realms and been blessed so I do not have to wonder as other people do. I am NOT bragging so please don’t take it that way. I am very humble because who am I? No one. I have just been blessed to have been able to see and hear and feel things. Much of it is confirmed by other people so I know I do not need a padded room! I will put the ritual down but let me ask if it should be a new thread so others can find it or if it would even be ok to post here. I don’t want to get kicked off the forum or anything. Plus I have to look it up. It has been a while since I did it and it has steps. You write things down and do things so I want to get it written down right and not fudge it all up!

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It was a bit of a long transition tbh. so there are a few things.

When I was a Roman Catholic I considered myself very faithful to the point where I felt like I was so righteous that I could judge everyone who didnt believe the same things I did. Over time I realised that this was needlessly hateful, and that I had alienated people who’s only crime was being themselves. As I matured I realised that this was not something I wanted to be. Why should a religion dictate who I can experience life with or who I’ll be friends with or not?

One of my aunts ended up a jehovah’s witness… and they preach that blood transfusions are somehow against god… not long after she converted she got into a car accident… as it were the only thing that could have saved her life was a blood transfusion, because she was conscious enough to refuse it she simply bled to death, she may not have been RC but it certainly made me think about christianity!

Also, I deeply wanted to understand the nature of a lot of my experiences, now Roman Catholics for the most part have a tendency to deny anything that isn’t written down in the bible (as far as my experience goes) and again I couldn’t accept this, why should I have such gifts if not to use them to better my life? Hell, I’m more likely to be crucified than accepted by Catholics if they knew my true views.

On top of that there is history, I learned of how much blood has been shed in the name of god and Christ, and again I found it appalling, how priests who molest children are to this day protected by the vatican, how people that call them selves prophets (yes in modern times, and yes I have some recent experiences with them) use the bible as an excuse for extortion and crimes… yet people in their swathes vindicate these criminals because they "read the word of the god"
Further on the point of history, many of the stories in the bible have several versions and this is not just down to translation, if you look at the dead sea scrolls for example there are variations of parables in the bible that are very different to the ones that ended up in there. Yet people preach that this is the unfaltering word of god as in god wrote it himself’

Now personally I never had an issue with the idea of a god/source/divine but even on an underlying level I always knew there was something wrong with the religions… it has lent itself to greedy power hungry men too often and too easily been used to subjugate the free thinkers and indeed free will itself (which I find ironic) men and women who were simply ahead of their time or in positions of personal power have been tortured and brutally executed for simply being who they are… now at large you’d think this doesnt happen nowadays… well you still get xtian extremists, you just don’t hear about it in the media.

So some small things in there, some even situational, and then some bigger issues too, I realise that I might come off as rather adversarial, but I guess if I were to boil it down to a single honest and personal truth that would answer your question, it’d be that I desire freedom to be what ever the hell I want to be, to have no restrictions on that, and really be a master of my own fate and destiny, I didn’t feel that I could do that as a Roman Catholic, it really isn’t to discount that there’s some truth in their teachings… but any truth I’ve found has been severely watered down and/or corrupted from my perspective. In the end all of existence is the book, and life is how you read it (its linear terminology but its the simplest analogy for a much more complex idea) so why follow only one path?


You have an interesting perspective Nikki, When I was younger I used to be able to see the spirits of the dead as well as the living (when people OBE in their sleep) completely clearly I’d sometimes put my hands through them without fear (didn’t fully understand so i defaulted to taste,touch,smell mode) I hope to regain my sight but to a greater degree.
The kind of experiences you are speaking of are the very thing that I’d like to experience for myself, I’ll get there.
And thanks, no worries on checking if its ok to post, I appreciate your willingness to contribute all the same :slight_smile:


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Isn’t it awesome how we can do these things as children and it is effortless? I find it amazing that as a child you had no fear at all. What stopped you from seeing like that? I got scared. I mean it was like a constant thing. I couldn’t open a door or roll over in bed without having someone right there. Once they find out someone CAN see and hear them it is like some sort of alert goes out or something! (Calling all spirits! Calling all spirits! We have alive one here! She can see us! Come send a message - or just scare the bejesus out of her today!) But like I said I would ask others with me do you feel or smell or see something etc. It would depend on the situation and many times they would say yes. My daughter and son can see them too so…i guess it is hereditary! I want to get open like I was back then again too. Now I have to try so hard… although like I said. When they WANT to tell me something they seem to have little problem doing it! But it is like looking through a really dirty window… with a small hole wiped clean. Is it like that for you too? And I have a harder time hearing. They will be trying to talk to me but I can’t hear. They get frustrated. I get frustrated… Like now. He’s touching me. (my arms! let’s keep it pg here! lol!) and my ears are ringing so I think he is trying to talk to me but I can’t hear it. grrr…I will do almost anything to fix it too… What has helped you to hear and see? You don’t seem adversarial at all to me. I find our conversation very enjoyable.

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Thanks for replying. I really wish to ask for some more, but I’m afraid it is out of topic. lol.