Face,head tension

Hi everybody.
Whenever I try to activate a sigil,I feel a hyper strong tension in the face expecially around the nose,in the palate and around the third eye.
I’m able to make the sigil flash in few seconds,after that I start seeing a sort of dark mist, the vision became blurred and foggy,sometimes i see little light points. But after that I start feeling this mega tension in the head. It’s so strong I think my skull is somehow torching and changing shape. Anyway at this point I’m unable to “let it go” because it’'s too strong and distracting.
Any suggestion?

Keep working with this tension but don’t overwork it. It’s your third eye decalcifying. You have to treat it like a muscle you’ve never used before. You can’t jump into weight training thinking you’re going to lift more weights than everyone in the gym if you haven’t lifted weights before.

Also try drinking more water. I suggest getting some spring water or something along the lines of that. The government puts fluoride in our running water and this calcifies it.