F*ing money problems!

Hello peops!!

Soo… need some advice here. Basically we’re kind of short on money, and um as a child I can’t really make money. So my mom has to provide for the fam. Anyway… my moms kind of a negative person, she always thinks negatively and is never fucking optimistic. There’s the problem, how the fuck can I do a money spell and expect it to work, when my mom doesn’t even believe her business is going to run smoothly.

And trust me, I’ve talked to her countless amounts of times, to just be optimistic. But u know, they never change am I right. She’s one of a kind ngl. Hate it, it’s annoying. Need some advice.


welcome brother to the forum of light where you get what you are looking for brother you are on the right place brother iam happy to meet new people every day

Huh? U posted on the wrong thread didn’t u?

Pm bro imma help you out

Aight sure.

If you’re the one doing the spell, you’re the one that has to believe it will work…you’re the one that has to be positive. Include for mom to believe in her business, attract more loyal clients/customers that will in turn bring in more money, etc. You might want to give mom the benefit of the doubt…she may annoy you because she’s not optimistic, but she has a huge responsibility as a mother, and is probably negative because she’s afraid of the business failing and not being able to take care of you. She has to be prepared in case the business fails. I can understand why she may worry.

Help her out and include in the spell for her to have money come from various sources, as well as what I mentioned earlier.

Good luck. You’re a good kid wanting to help your mom out. Be patient with her, the situation will turn around.


You’re right. Thank you.

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Do you know how to transmute energy?


Not really.

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I’ll tell you how.

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Responded to in private message.

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Naamah. Try Her evocation, learn it by heart and deliver it with passion - if you’re serious.



Her evocation? Or u mean in general.

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I am On a exact situation as you brother,I was.

I am a Youngster as you i already know by discord i am one year younger than you.

what is that i summoned lucifer and told him what i needed,now fine that could work assuming you done that and your mother must open,then open yourself more to lucifer sort feel his sigl on your heart and emenate that and let it flow.

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Alright so lucifer. Okok, that could work. I was thinking King Paimon. But Lucifer works as well

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You are 14???

no i dont think that reptilian is 15 lmao.

I was going to say you look at least 18 in your profile. But Reptilian said he was 15… Oi @Reptilian.

i remember him on discord saying that he is 16 or that may was someone esle,i dont remember clearly,but i am 15 my self,it feels sort of weird saying it but i been in this path for years and i know in a fact that this indeed real as i manifested great changes in my life and in the life of my family,and i can say that i am fully capeble of protecting myself and basically being my own master.

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