Eyes in my palms

No, I am not drunk, just bear with me.

Every so often after intense rites and the like I find myself unable to close my hands because I get this mental image that I am about to squeeze an eye that’s in my palm, and the same happens with my feet.

I know it’s all in my head, that it is not “real”.

The problem is a feeling of tingling, pulsation in those areas and the obssesive thought, visualized thought that pops about like that, lingering sometimes for days but in short episodes.

It is bothersome, I want to do push ups and punch my bag but as soon as I try all what I mentioned happens. Funnily enough I can sit in front of a PC for hours, handing the mouse with no incidence, but as soon as I ball my hands into a fist? Shitshow begins before I get to clinch my hands.

Any ideas? Has it happened to you?


  • If you need some more clarification, have you ever had a wound in a place you could not see or easily reach? I once fell on a cactus and while it was not as bad as it seems, I’d get queasy when pulling my shirt off and think of how grisly it must look. Happens the same with the “eye-in-palm” thingie, the difference is that I obviously never had a f*cking eyeball in those places!

  • If you are curious wgat I was doing occultist-wise to suddenly go through this, and that is the kicker, I have done nothing extreme or unique, other than sit down to reach Theta-Gamma and daydream about what I want done, no summoning or external influence. Been doing it on several bots throughout the day, about 12 - 20 times in total, counting the hour or so done before sleep.

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we have chakras in our palms, it could very well be that form of representation.


I thought of that too but it does not look pretty like chakras would, sometimes the eyes dangle by an optic nerve and come and go. I’ve done the usual exorcisms as a precaution too, in case it is a parasite.

Not all chakras look the same mine look like stars from my scans and others, however, it could also simply be your subconscious interpretation of them, but yeah that works as well.

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Oh now I see. Thanks! This has helped me a lot!

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It’s almost certainly related to the palm “chakras”, but I’d wager the eyes are manifested astral organs directly linked to those energy points. I have a literal third eye (astrally) on my forehead. Let me be clear, I know the third eye/anja chakra is not an eye. That said, I have an astral eye that grew right on top of my anja chakra and it’s linked to it; allowing for various potent applications. As a kid I could actually see through it with perfect clarity, as one would through perfected OBE astral sight. Have you tried using your hand-eyes for anything?

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No, I have not tried using my “eyes” for anything else other than visualize burying them in my flesh so they stop botheroming, but then I feel something akin to anxiety. I will give it a try in what you suggest, giving them use.

Cool thing you got going there with your thitd eye! Congrats! And thank you for your input. :slight_smile:

Don’t try to bury it; if they are indeed organs you’ll hate yourself for it later once you find out how they can be used. You’re in puberty and growing the new eyes so don’t stunt your growth because your changing body feels awkward haha! Try opening and closing the eyes so you get the hang of controlling when they get used and when theyre inactive.

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Thanks again, yiu’re totally right!

You’re welcome :slight_smile:
NeoHuman astral tech and anatomy is kinda my specialty.

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Yes, when I was deliberately carrying a fae within my physical and energetic being. I used the open energy points my hands (called lao gung in qigong) to let it ‘ride’ with me. It took an hour or two but the feeling of having an eye in my palm was very strong - just the one though.
It needed to see where it was going as I was transferring it between homes.

It might not be the same thing but you could scan yourself and see if you’re carrying anyone with you that’s trying to ‘see out’, as it were. Do it asap before it resonates more and you can still tell if it’s you or not you. Odd astral appendages are possible, especially as carryovers from past lives, but the distinction should be made.

If it’s a passenger, it doesn’t sound like it’s behaving parasitically, but then it might be in danger. Human energy systems are very strong and you could find it gets automatically absorbed by you over time, effectively killing it as it gets assimilated.

Considering how even meditating without adequate protections can attracted attention from the other side, that would be my first hypothesis… Banish and cleanse.
If it’s a part of you, banishing and cleansing won’t hurt, if it’s not, you’ll save both of you some trouble.

Could always try summoning it for a chat as well.


Not much help but when ever I first opened up my 3rd eye I just instinctually pictured eyes in my hands and feet but I never got the uneasy feeling about poking them.
So they appear right befor your gonna do somthing that would stimulate the chakra but harm it if was an actual eye maybe try doing a couple back hands on the bag and see if it causes the sensation to go away without doing direct stimuli to the percieved eye.
Sonthing thats not totally legit but will help application o potential is think about how much we use our normal eyes in visualization and formation of energy realize the new eyes can help in the application

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Very, very interesting and deep! Thank you!


I’ll try that on the punching bag and report. Thank you!

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Could be a connection to Samael or Agas both have connections to having multiple eyes all over themselves in certain forms. This is most likely to aid with with psychic or spiritual vision. I would suggest imagining the eyes closing and dissappearing after you complete a ritual working.

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So sorry I bailed out! Thank you for your info, it does coincide with much of what you saybregarding connections with Samael. I guess I’ll have to chat him up sometime soon! :slight_smile: