Eyelid Scrying

How would I scry with just my eyelids closed? @Ryce @anon48079295 @lawclerk @Titan.M @Mulberry @succupedia @Saki

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I’m a shitty scryer, so I’m afraid I can’t really help out here. Not enough patience to wait, me.
I do tend to do journeying with my eyes closed.

I will see clear images, eyes, faces, people etc behind my eyes when in TGS after waking at night as I go back to sleep, but they usually don’t have a focus and I didn’t ask a question.

I’d say if you already scry with a black mirror, you’re way ahead of me - can you just do that with the blackness of having your eyes closed?


This is actually one of the types of scrying I am really good at. I’ve had a lot of success with it because its so natural. I even talked to some other BALG members (privately) about some visions I had concerning them before.

Do whatever you feel you need to do before ritual, cleanse the space, cleanse the body, etc.

What you want to do is get comfortable, take a few deep breaths and focus on your target. Clear your head. When you feel that you are relaxed and centered tell yourself that you are going to scry.

Close your eyes, and just breathe. In and out. In and out. See the darkness before you, and breathe. Feel it around you. Just breathe. That darkness is going to be your black mirror. It IS your divination tool. Lightly focus on it. Use it like you would a black mirror.

When I start to get into a nice trance like this, my scrying might give me physical sensations to go along with the visions. It could feel like an astral projection, and the vision completely take you somewhere else. Remember your breath, and don’t focus too much on what you are experiencing. Acknowledge it and move on, because if you focus too much on one aspect instead of experiencing the vision as a whole you might miss a key part.

When you feel like its done, write down everything. What you felt, smelt, tasted, saw, etc. Feeling that the sights elicited. Emotions are just as important when scrying for information than anything. If you are scrying a person, don’t be surprised that you start to feel what they feel while in the trance state, or step into their shoes temporarily.

Anyway it is simple:

1- Prepare the room and yourself
2- Tell yourself that you are going to scry when you close your eyes <- Important to set intent!
3- Get into a meditative state
4- Close you eyes
5- Treat the darkness you find yourself in as your black mirror
6- Breathe and the visions will come
7- Write everything down at the end of the session while its still fresh. What doesnt make sense now may make sense a few months down the road.

Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work the first, second, third time. With any skill it takes practice, and sometimes when I do it I get too relaxed or cant focus enough. That is OK. Just take a break. Each time you practice you are developing your psychic muscles. Don’t get down on yourself if you cant lift 200 lbs right off the bat. It is all a matter of suspending your disbelief in yourself and letting what comes, come.

Oh! And do this sitting up if you can. If you do it in bed, you might fall asleep, and your scrying session will become a dream. Not that dreams can’t be a form of divination, but they are harder to remember.

That’s how I do it xD It seems very basic, but there isnt a lot to it until you start playing with what you can do while you scry. Others may have different ways/methods insights.


I have not scryes much in the traditional method but I do scan peoples energy, the scanning process is very similar to @Ryce techniques listed here. I close my eyes and set the intention to scan the person and then information, and images show themselves to me.

Be open to the information rather than having the mindset of having to actively search for it.

Consistent practice will make it easier (so cliche ik)


I suppose I do what @Ryce has described whenever I performed energy scans on the Energy Scanning thread.

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