Eye of the dragon Triangle

Had a mishap at work. Injured myself. So as i layeded in bed. I visualised myself as eternal darkness to see if it would help. It did it took away the pain.

Then vibrations started to form throughout my body. Especialy at the lower back. My thoughts were a bit irratic, i could see them swirling clockwise and realised i could make them go anti clockwise and thus think backwards. Then i stopped them completley.

With my eyes closed i could see the eb and flow of darkness. I was it and it was i. Then blue flickers of light began to shift and form behind my eyes. Vibrations getting stronger and stronger.

Then the dragons eye appeared out of this blue flickering shifting energy. Floating there before my closed eyes. It was inside a triangle. The pupil was blue. My excitement went through the roof and i nearly lost concentration.

Refocusing my attention on the eye and only the eye. Vibrations speed up so fast. It looked like traveling through hyperspace. Then reality shattered. I was in a strange room and time was slowed.

I felt a presence mount my back. I was freaked out a bit, but not scared. I thought im soul traveling ill just use my power and dismount this presence. But i couldnt.

I was taken around this room with this presence mounted to my back. And if i didnt figure out the puzzle i would die, get stabbed and start from the beginning again. The first room i remember placing a coin in a particular place and i passed.

Then i was transported to the next room. Again i had a presence mounted to my back. This time i could see it as a nurse. I freaky looking nurse. I felt very uncomfortable at this point. She had a pair of scissors. I vagualy remember her stabbing me. At this point i grabbed the scissors and stabbed her.

She seemed to have another pair and stabbed me over and over. The room restarted. Back to square one. At this point i pulled myself back to reality. Body was paralised and took a bit to wake up.

The energy in my room was so thick. I could still feel the vibrations especialy on the lower back.
That was fucking awesome. Freaky but fucking awesome i said myself.

Questions: Anybody ever seen this dragons eye in a triangle?

It was obviously some kind of test. Passed the first room. Failed the second. Anyone have similar experiences?



kundalini rising?

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@Purple its been rising a fair bit latley can feel it. I havent projected in a while. I wasnt even trying to last night. It just came on.

Though i have been calling on the eye of the dragon to open for quite a while now. Finaly experienced it last night :slight_smile:

Interesting thing is i had my chakras cut on the weekend during trance. It was like something else done it for me. Which left me with 1 huge black energy centre in the chest. Thats what i see now. I feel free after that happened, more detached and free. Hard to explain.

Love that dragon picture.

I have heard about that new energy thingy happening in the chest after getting rid of the chakras.

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@Purple A friend of mine mentioned it last friday. I was thinking about it. It just happened on the saturday.

I used to have a pain in my heart chakra. And a pulling sensation in my solar plexus for a very long time. I used to feel restrained and restricted. After it happened its like you expand. And the energies free up. It flows through your whole system instead of being cooped up at a certain point where the chakras used to be. I do seem to have a aversion to use white light now. Not sure why.

I dont know to much about it. Ill just have to experiment as i go along. Very interesting though.

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