Eye Of Odin

So I performed the Eye Of Odin last night. Today in meditation first thing I see is Loki!!!
Can you say weird?

Can anybody help with any insight with this? Looks like to me I’m the son of Loki!!!

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It’s a logical fallacy to assume, just because of what you explained, that you are such a thing.

Your right!!! That’s why I’m here asking this question.

Could be your energies resonate with loki, if so working with him for a time may prove beneficial to you.

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Yeah. I was thinking that if he seeked me out first it’s for a reason.

Well then ya have the choice to see how far the rabbit hole goes. :alien:


Well as a long time Norse magician, I don’t find it that odd. In my opinion Loki is the dark side of Odin, kind of his “shadow” if you’re familiar with Jungian philosophy. I’d say you resonate with Loki and your initiation into Odin’s family linked you to Loki.


Great :+1:!!! Thanks

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You should watch “the ritual” on netflex and the outlook they give children of loki :smiley:

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you got punk’d needless to say LOL