Eye of Abrican

So, for some reason, I’ve been reminded of a story I dropped out of writing last year. Someone is trying to point out the entity, Abrican, and the setting. (The setting being some place “on the other side, of course.”

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I’m talking about this, because I wanna see if the entity and/or the place seem like they could actually exist?

I just wanna know if I’m being psychotic or not. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


I also suppose general discussion is a fitting category for this? I’m unsure. :woman_shrugging:


Curious? The texts and setting suggest maybe a reaper


What I can remember, is that you’ll know the sound of his arrival by the tolling of something like the tolling of a bell/clock.
I can’t seem to recall much right now… Hmm…

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Perhaps there is a good reason for your memory going blank. It might be a spirit demon or other entity pausing your memory for the moment because some things are meant for the “person seeing the clear picture”


Probably so. I also barely started on the story and then dropped it. That’s probably also why I can’t recall much. :sweat_smile:

The other thing I remember is that in that place, there’s a big clock tower that’s mapped about somewhere in the middle of the town… If I can remember correctly… I think the tower is like a safe haven almost. I may have been wrong. :woman_shrugging:

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Do you think you may have stumbled upon some real info on this being. The instant drop of cognition and memory has happened to me before when i was really close to some fabric of truth.


Hmmmm, I’m unsure about it all honestly, but maybe after I have a good night’s sleep, I’ll be able to rest my mind. I may be able to recall or be told more things then.

In my own experience rest helps you forget some things. And staying up for me inspires ideas especially at night


I just remembered a couple things:

  • Abrican supposed to mean something like a storm, so that’s why my story is called “Eye of Abrican.” Since the clock tower is rumored to be like a safe haven for everyone, it’s called the eye of Abrican. That’s like the saying “the eye of the storm.” If that makes sense?

  • Abrican was original form is like the typical grim reaper, but he also has a form of a hooded man. Maybe he’s a death entity?

Oh, and I originally had thought about an addition to the story:

A kid sacrifices his dad, so Abrican can help him open his “third eye.” If I remember correctly, but I dunno if this is important to state right now. :woman_shrugging:

It may, however, state how he’s just not a typical death entity, but he helps with other things. It’s just like a lot of other actual entities, right? Remember, I didn’t know much of anything about the supernatural then, so I may have actually been on to something?

Quite possibly. I would do more research

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Yeah, I definitely will. Hopefully this is all actually something, and just not me being crazy. :sweat_smile:

I’ll see if I can channel Abrican’s energy, and create a sigil.

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Something keeps really nudging me to keep going at this. I dunno why, but I guess I’ll find out soon, lol. :woman_shrugging:

There is a reason. But its up to you to find out. I called to azazel a few years ago and thats why i am at the level that i am now. He guided me to something which turned into greater things, before i found out about the book of azazel and how mich he does indeed guide those who have a desire to ascend

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Ooh, yep, then it’s Azazel who is nudging me towards this. Ah, of course. I’m not thinking today, because it should’ve been obvious for me. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Created a sigil for Abrican.

Let me know if anyone senses anything. If no one can sense anything, then maybe Abrican doesn’t exist… yet… :grinning:

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Some of his forms are something like these:


I think he may actually exist… If he hasn’t before, he definitely does now! I asked how he’d look if he was to appear as a human, and he says “I simply do not wish to appear human, but if I did, it wouldn’t be pretty…”

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I guess I’ll call this a journal now. I’ll continuously be logging in new information, and my thoughts about all this. I’m gonna try to work hard on this, so expect good results…

Azazel informed me that Abrican may have at least a few masks. He says entities, like this will, of course, be expected to have a few masks.

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BAM! Finished a Q&A with Abrican. Good stuff:

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