Eye Colour Changes

Alright, so feel free to tell me if I’m crazy, but have any of you noticed eye colour changes as a result of evocation? I’m working with Marbas, who can “change men into other shapes”, so he has experience with body modification.

I’ve read in a couple obscure places that this can happen, and I think I might be experiencing it. I don’t have a control photo, but suffice to say that my entire eyes are usually very, very dark to the point that you can’t see the finer structure. Suddenly over the past 16 hours, my iris has lightened to a copper colour, but the limbus (ring around the iris, which is the coloured part) is still extremely dark.

Am I crazy and overthinking, or is there something to this?


You’re definitely not crazy. I’ve had some experiences with changing my eye color to the point where it was noticeable and started receiving comments. So it IS possible.
The way I did it had a lot to do with using “light energy”. And if I’m not mistaken, isnt Marbas a “day demon”?


You should keep an ‘eye’ on this development. See if it changes anymore. Now that you are noticing a change, it will be easier to track.

I mean, they are your eyes, you would know best if they have changed as youve seen them your whole life. Maybe ask someone close to you about your eyes, see if they notice a difference?

But yeah, a before pic would have been helpful to compare. Though I have heard about this happening as well, I have not experienced it. It would be cool to change my eye color. Maybe Ill try it.


curious about this as well can I literally change my skin tone hair and eye color using magick if so how what chants rituals demons do you use etc…

Haven’t experienced marbas but I’ve had my whole eye form change to resemble more like a serpent. And Indents on the sides of the eyes. When working on my enegry and chakras.


I’ve noticed that my eyes can change from normal to looking pure crazed and evil even like you said serpent and demonic like as if they are no longer my own…

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Oooooh good work!

Yeah, they can shift your appearance. When I work with vampiric entities I’m younger looking but when I work with entities involving decay I’m paler.

Glad to hear it. It was a strange and remarkably unintentional experience… I wasn’t expecting to notice anything unusual. I was just about to go to bed but had to wash my hands, so I went into my upstairs bathroom and was very surprised to notice the change when looking into the mirror. It was very obvious to me and surprised me quite a lot.

Come to think of it, I’ve noticed this type of change once before in my life. Same type of situation, but it went away a day later. I suppose that would be consistent with my suspicion that President Marbas has been with me for a long time… is that possible?

Very interesting. Yes, he is a day demon!

Agreed. I need an unbiased measurement method, though. Same lighting every time. So, I’m going to take a photo with flash each day in my windowless bathroom with the door closed. We’ll see if there’s a change.

I’m very interested in this. Can you elaborate on your methodology?

Thank you! I’m curious - how much younger do you mean? How much of a difference do you notice?

I dont really. I just started channeling serpent enegry and dragonic enegry and my eye form started changeing and i just looked at them again the area around the eye is dark.

No. I posted a similar change months ago. Before I began meditation and chakra cleansing I had shit brown eyes most of my teenage through adult life. I am 31 and for the past 2 years now my eyes are fucking green.

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Oh just a couple years. I’m 18 but if u focused on those spirits I’d look 15 or 16.

Mine were always a medium brown and since being on this path they’re greenish gold. Some days entirely green or almost see through gold.

What is the procedure for doing this, though? I know how spirits are channeled, but I’m having trouble thinking about how one would channel an abstract concept like ‘serpent energy’. Not doubting you; I’m just rather new and am not sure I understand what you mean.

That’s quite the achievement! I’ll look for your post. Could you link it in case I don’t find it? Also, was the change sudden or gradual?

Wow; I wish I had started evocation that young! Alas, I am a victim of my Catholic school. I’m 25 and only just starting…

Interesting. Have you ever noted or noticed it being one or the other depending on events (either occult or mundane) in your life?

Its nothing that gives knowledge. I did the same thing that you did. I asked everyone if anyone had heard of such a thing. You are the first person who I have also witnessed notice changes to your eye color. As Belial told me about a year or so ago about genetic changes in humans by raising kundalini I assumed it is caused by that. My change was gradual as I did not notice until females (I was very single at the time) would compliment my eyes. Which I remember thinking wtf is this girl talking about my eyes are brown. But as I heard this more and more I would realize the sunlight made them green. But as of today, they are green all the time. Not bright green but a dark green with a hint of hazel and orange.

What it made me think of was an old neighbor who had a pitbull with brown eyes. He stopped feeding it dog food and started ordering organic meats and cooking for it. After a few months its fur became very soft and its eyes turned blue. This simply mean to me, that our eye color change is caused by some form of purification and/or a genetic improvement. But hell I honestly dont know but fuck it. Dark hair with light eyes. No complaints here!!!