Extremely HQ content - Mapping out the God-Mind

Insights on the logic of the God-Mind so you can create perfect balance between the left and right hemisphere of the brain, and can open up to get a more wholesome understanding of reality.

Hi there everyone, for years I have been doing work on creating pinpoint references to the God-Mind,
riding it in different ways from different perspectives - also creating affirmations so that I
would not fall back into slumber, aiming to escape the dreadfulness of my own ignorance on my way to self-liberation.

Now the quality of the video part may suck, but I can guarantee you that each of these affirmations well used in ceremonial magick (or otherwise) can completely change the way you view and experience life.

I got most of them all from direct experience of the God-Mind.
I did got them on the go, so there might be things you can potentially add yourself if you’d make your own list.
You are free to use the affirmations themselves as there is no copyright on the God-Mind, which would be silly.
I am planning on perhaps writing a book relating to the content.

Make good use of it, this stuff can bring you home.

The content varries between your relationship to all including darkness from the perspective of your/the objective God-Self to Hebrew affirmations that opens you up to the tree of life completely or calls in unstoppable cosmic armies and more, give insights into how to turn the Cosmos into a Cosmic paradise, instantly alter your relationship to the All so you can have a blessed experience of the All, 360° degrees… Generally the content can help you to transcend all limitations to your mind…and limitlessness stand your ground on the Cosmos. Mind you that at the time that I got most of these affirmations, I got for personal reasons limited in consciousness - the fuller integration is most preferable to happen through human interaction or through ceremonial magick (individually or in group)

(ritual methods) Affirming, through you with you and in you dear Almighty I AM-presence, I AM, I DO, I STAND and I REST Now and forevermore, or directly, by my almighty I AM-presence, I AM x, y, z)

More instructions might follow.