Extreme trouble with Theta-Gamma sync

hi is their anyone who is able to give like a personal consultation and guide me into the deep trance state? I know it’s a little much but I truly want to get past this minor problem and begun my jounrey into ascent.

Are you doing evocations? If your not you should this will drop you into this state. Also try gazing into a corner as you meditate on your task

I actually am trying to learn evocation, just can’t reach the stupid trance state

Okay, i’m going to tell you something that you’ve likley heard before, you are most likley trying too hard to get into a trance state. If you try to force it through meditation, or force your mind to relax, you arent going to get anywhere. One of the weird techniques that helped me a few years ago comes from Sanskrit/yogic teachings (obviosuly im adapting jt for modern day work):

Find something to focus on, a black dot on a paper or a pen on a table or whatever. Gaze at the object (notice the use of “gaze” not “stare”, this should be passive). Keep your eyes focused on the object and do not blink, do this for as long as you.can. Over time, the background of that object will start to fade out, it might get darker or you may start to lose equilibrium as Koetting puts it. The key here is to focus on breath and let it relax you, don’t try to change your breath, just become.aware of it.

The yogic principle here is that blinking “resets” the soul, it gives it a second to balance itself and take a break from physical observation, by not blinking you are not giving it this oppertunity, and it therefore is more likley to relax in a physical way, thus allowing you to see using the astral rather than the physical.
The tgs is one of those things you dont realise you’re in until you’re reall deep.into it (where things are glowing, you’re spinning or your’re mind is open to hearing astral voices.


When I learned core shamanic journeying, that technique revolves around entering a light trance, and that’s assisted by drumming, so you may want to look up “shamanic drumming” on YouTube (there are loads of recordings), find one you like, and see if that helps. Drumming to create trance occurs in cutlures globally, and has a long history.

Secondly, although I had soul-travelled a lot prior to learning that method in a formal setting, it’s taken for granted that at first, your trance state will feel light, maybe not even something you’re aware of, but that it deepens with time - just like learning any skill, the mind alters to be able to perform it.

I remember not being able to type (I’m a child of the era just before the internet!) and getting my first computer, and learning to type, actually having tp pick it up as a skill - now, typoes aside, it comes so naturally I’m not even aware that I’m doing it - you may have a similar skill, like driving, riding a bike, or something where you now perform the actions automatically and no longer have to monitor them or worry if you can perform today?

The brain’s plasticity and ability to perform new sills, altered states, with increasing ease is one of the miracles of the mind, and you will not have problems advancing with this, but make sure to let go of any kind of “performance anxiety” and spectatoring, where you’re too busy monitoring how deep your trance is, to actually get into it - this, again, can happen to anyone, it’s a major bugbear with meditation as well!

If you don’t meditate, start - this will also help your mind develop new patterns, and if you want I can send you a tutorial for core shamanism which might advance you oin other ways. :slight_smile:


Long message lol but yeah i have been meditating for about 3 years. But yeah I’d love to see the shaman course

I’m gonna try this, so just dont blink for as long i can, its gonna hurt but hey, no pain no gain. I like the yogic principle btw. Does your vision need to be pulled back also?

Cool, I’ve just PM’d it to you. :slight_smile:

Could I have a copy of that aswell if it isnt too much trouble?

Sent. :slight_smile:

Whatever helps you relax, I used to just gaze at the dot -no special techniques. And the dry eyes part builds up with time, start with 20 seconds and build it up each day

If you just want to achieve a trance state then lay on your back and watch the ceiling fan spin and after about 2 minutes you will be in a trance state. Do the meditation I gave you and will achieve a much deeper state and one that you have a level of function and will still be conscious and coherent ie not falling asleep.

I’ve noticed that the more I enter into the trance state the less I am aware of the smaller more annoying aspects of my body. Like, I don’t feel the burn of my eyes remaining open, or I don’t noticed that I need to swallow, or my breathing isn’t distracting me. If I get deep enough I basically feel like a floating head in space with no body.

Can I get that core shamanism tutorial as well, Eva? :smiley:

Also, practice makes perfect. Abandon the idea of having a breakthrough success soon. Not that it won’t happen soon, but set your mind to practice mode… And practice. I know everyone else says this, but there’s a reason for it: MEDITATE MORE. And try less. Just let go. Stop trying. Stop thinking.

I really like the ceiling fan suggestion. I’m going to try this.

You could go the extreme route and completely change your diet. Decalcify your pineal gland. Exercise more. I’ve began doing this, and my evocations are a lot more clear.

This isn’t for everybody, but I must say that after performing evocations on small doses of mushrooms (very small, a gram or less), not only will it auto-lock your mind in a gamma brainwave, like a cheat code, but performing under these conditions is actually very good training for future works, without the use of mushrooms. I know not everyone has easy access to it, and some have never done it and fear it (although I must say, less than 1g is nothing to fear, it can’t even be classified as tripping), so take with a grain of salt, just throwing it out there because it’s strengthened my path immensely.

There are also entities like Sastan whose primary function is increasing one’s evocation skills.

I would also recommend trying to communicate mentally while you’re falling asleep. Not a full evocation. Just call and have a conversation. It’s easy if you can get there this way, but tricky. Again, the biggest key I can offer is LETTING GO. Stop trying. Don’t push yourself into a state of relaxation. That’s doing something. Putting forth effort. And it’s counter-intuitive. When you truly release everything, relaxation is more a revealed state that had all that baggage lumped on top of it. Relaxation is not something you should have to “do” or “get to”…

…if that made sense.

Good luck!

Hi, I’m working with this too, and would love the Core Shamanism article please Eva?:slight_smile: