Extreme loneliness and what magic can do for me

Thank you so much❤

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I’m mostly isolated from years. I feel you.
Also all love related stuff i tried almost always failed and made ME obsessed by the target and not the other way around.

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It’s not necessarily “completely normal” in the rest of the world. I live in a country that’s the opposite of yours in terms of nominal sexual freedom (I have a hunch of where you’re from), but apart from two brief encounters in my 20’s, I’ve lived as a frustrated involuntary celibate all my 52-year long life. It’s VERY common around here. Women get to pick and choose however they want and a big chunk of the male population simply gets left out.

P.S: Oh, and don’t get confused by my profile. I’m male. The image just represents what I’d like to turn into in the afterlife.


I hope this sitution ends in here

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