Extreme loneliness and what magic can do for me

Hi everyone, i dont know where to start but i really need some help and advice, let me give you some background i was born in one of the oldest countries in the world but unfortunatly in the past 44 years people have been oppressed by a very small minority that want to force people to live in a way they want and with a lot of religious apartheid ( I dont want to get into politics but its just some background ), so imagine being in this oppressed society and dont have any opportunity to be around opposite sex since the school ( I am around them in university right now ) and not being able to satisfy your basic needs that is completely normal for people in the rest of the world and then you suddenly go to university with other girls, you really dont any thing about dating and other stuffs and all of this can cause extreme sexual and more importantly for me emotional frustrating and even now that im around them there not much of opportunity ( and im not alone there are other guys like me in the country, according to offcials 30 percent of youths ), even my therapist told me there is not much you can do other than suppressing your urges.
Magic gave me another chance and i almost succeed into getting into relation but i ruined it and i think that was my last chance, and i should also mention my mindset is preventing me from getting to that point again and you cant blame me because it caused by all of this frustrations which are disrupting my daily life and everything, i cant study, i cant meditate and etc.
I want to know what should i do right now when there is no opportunity?


I should also mention o had few negitive experiences with women

Perhaps it is required a “mix” of aura and chakra working, Law of Attraction and knowledge about dating, in this way nothing is left unchecked. For example, the aura may be visualized as green or pink: colors related to love (there would be red, but it has to do also with violence and such).
Affirmation in “positive” and present form may be used, and imagination involving all the senses. Some stuff may be read and watched (Corey Wayne etc.) about courtship, psychology etc. There is also the hindu mantra “Kleem”.
Then, if required, a more active action (along that of mundane type) can be taken in the form of a spell or ritual, for example by summoning Anael, Hagiel or Beleth, Sallos… or even only with a sigil spell.


I am so sorry for what’s going in your country.

There is opportunity. That wasn’t your last chance.

Religious apartheid or not, they are still people. People yearn to be with each other.

If you’re okay with angel work and self improvement… then get the “Angels of Alchemy” ebook. You probably can’t get a physical copy where you are.

On different days, preferably, call Amiel for enhanced sexual charisma and Vaviel, Angel of Fascination. They will help work on your emotions, your inner self and even make you shine brighter to others.

There’s 40 other angels, too.

If you’re where I think you are, I was actually thinking of visiting your capital city this year. Due to unexpected circumstances, I don’t think I’ll be able to now. But it’s really unfortunate… such a beautiful country… and it seemed to quite advanced not that long ago.

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I think i should rest for a while because right now i cant do anything, not even a meditation

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In case you’re going to fall asleep it would be an opportunity to follow Neville Goddard’s teachings (basically once again LOA) but of course there is no hurry since this may always be done.


What is it?

Is that because you are simply tired, or is the regime so strict they somehow are able to stand in the way of even your own mind work?

I hope it’s just because it’s late!

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I would agree with @fapa79 there’s something to Goddard… his actual books are far deeper and more mystical than I expected.

And if you’re going to sleep, anyway, might as well use sleep programmings such as this…

We sleep 8 hours a day. That’s a LOT of time to put into development — or in your case, escaping your oppression

Even non-Goddard flavored sleep programming can work really, really well

I used to be a highly trained hypnotist (max in NLP from Bandler, and Dick Sutphen), and noticed all kinds of mystical or reality altering changes back when people requested them. I didn’t expect it to work nearly as well as it did.


The second option, i was one of their loyal supporters but i realized that their ruined the best ages of my life

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You can move to a different country or you can stay there and manipulate the reality as best you can. You should focus on inner work and attraction & understanding when to takes hints from girls and act upon those hints.

I understand that oppression is a very real thing, but getting girls is so easy man. If you look at the science on females for thousands of year’s. They cannot help but be attracted to a man on a mission.

No matter how much a girl tries to resist the urge, bro… when you got the inner work down and your on a mission, they will literally become wet just looking at you and thinking about you.

Keeping a girl is a different story that requires high emotional maturity to really make a happy relationship. It’s a very hard & complicated thing to do… but hey I like complicated. :smirk:


Thanks for the advice

For moving to different country i cant because im poor and no country will let me in that easily, and also i will never leave my country because i love it and other reason that make it nearly impossible even if i want.

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If it was opportunity yes it would be easy but the problem is there is not much of opportunity for youths, it would be a long story if i try to explain this.
I agree with you about manipulating reality, i should rest a bit and then start to use magic



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Honestly, you could get some courses online and use magic with entites to become the person you want after understanding the psychology on woman better. I’m sure there are people in your area that do it for a living that can help you for some money, I think that’s a good option.

It’s fast the way if you really feeling down. I mean… I wouldn’t personally judge. You could go out there and learn on your own and build your own original style. That would be the best way, but you could also use other men’s style at first for guidelines and then convert your own original style over time, so either or… I mean, we have internet now a days man.



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You’re welcome, I know there is times where you just feel like a loser, like you can’t accomplish much and there no girls and etc etc. But as long as you have money, you can learn anything and everything + magic bro.

Of course the more money you got, the more high quality shit you can get access to.

Of course learning on your own is always best, but dude… Life is too short to try and figure out everything on your own.

Everybody has had a trainer to learn, a school to learn, parents to guide, a car to drive, etc etc… These things are there to help us out here. Especially now a days, so if those thoughts are getting to you, then be logical about it and understand that shit happens, don’t feel bad about anything you do, it’s all a learning lesson.

It could be worth noting things such as reincarnation & kundalini & what not… But you might find that you may or may not want to keep on reincarnating here on earth. xD