Extreme arousal

Hello all,
I posted awhile back about the first experience I had with Lucifer (amazing btw!) and here’s something I noticed: I became extremely and I mean EXTREMELY aroused for about a week after that. TMI but I am female and masturbate 2-3 times daily, but this took on a whole new level.
Now whenever I communicate with him and as to feel his presence I again get super super aroused. Anyone else have this happen? Does it mean anything spiritually?


This isn’t unusual lol. When i met Sallos, he unbolted the gates for me and i hit it seriously 5x per day for like 3 weeks straight (after a dry spell of close to a year)

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Lmfao oh wow! Someone told me it’s my senses being heightened and I have to just feel it and let it take me higher but that’s a little difficult! Ive just being doing sex magick with it but it’s definitely NOT my normal self. I thought maybe he was messing me or I seriously lost my mind lol


Ditto - Marbas had a good old poke in the whiskers. I think they simply like women and in President Marbas’s case he’s doing a spot of maintenance work :grinning: as well as giving relationship advice.

Rosier is assisting with some work for me; my beloved crush has been appearing in my dreams and I’m certainly feeling the effects of dream love making all-nighters in my thighs the next morning! Long may it continue!


Hahaha if it’s Lucifer playing games, he really COULD follow through and help a girl out ijs​:joy::joy:


Ooh Rosier! Do you have a sigil for him? I’ve been looking into him but info is hard to come by

I found it here but ended up drawing it, I think it’s better printed to be honest and I want to redo my seals/sigils over the next few days.


Lord Rosier is not instant and his energy is really subtle - amor vincit omnia - et nos cedamos amori. Love conquers all - so let us surrender ourselves to love - Virgil

It has taken some time and I’m still not fully getting his seal/sigil to full strength although I am getting the psychic connection with the Beloved (I don’t want to remain in the habit of calling him crush).

Yesterday I did some work with Duke Dantalion and also some candle work with Lord Rosier. Did the candle skype twice to talk to what I think is the Beloved’s soul and found out he likes Star Wars and has memorabilia figurines (not my kind of thing but hey ho and I can’t verify at this point) - we talk about all sorts of things - second time I’m not sure how this happened I got snoring and woke him!

On both occasions he didn’t want to go… oooooooh. He seemed a bit needy - bit extreme but not how I’d encountered before. Something has shifted.

Very early this morning I dream woke up to him making love to me (I can’t explain this but I remember the dream we were in flagrante - I’m just pleased I didn’t scream out his name), yep, I have a feeling he’s now working rituals or doing something because it’s now 12 hours later and I have one heck of a lot of afterglow from a mere dream.

Something is definitely afoot and the interactions with Lord Rosier and Duke Dantalion are definitely moving things along - slowly but something is happening.


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Oh boy I clicked the wrong conversation didn’t I lol! I’ve had such a dry spell even my dreams have been sex free for the last 6 months. Anyone please feel free to contact me in my dreams. :wink: On another note after my evocations in the last few days things have been quite a bit harder than normal and if I had a girlfriend she certainly wouldn’t be complaining :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Perfect thank you!


Oh I didn’t warn you about that did I? Ooops…

Yes - I’m still going, and I wanted to mention this but thought better of it - yes.

One night I used a device because I thought I was going to menstruate - in the dream he went a bit mad, didn’t pull it out but the next night when I didn’t use it he made his presence felt about four times. Forgive my graphic description but Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes…

President Marbas likes his carnal pleasures and ensuring you enjoy yours.


Would love to have been there that night :smiling_imp:

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Wish I could post a video here of me being “felt up” by Belial and Azazel. Sometimes Lucifer too, but less often. This only occurs when I’m under the influence, and I become very aroused, and feel feminized. It’s an incredible sexual journey, but obviously not a healthy one with the drugs. I need to figure out a different means of spirit connection. I don’t think the admin will let me post the vid as there is a definite moment when you see the “substance” and it would probably send me to the slammer!


do you only use to connect or for recreational purposes too? maybe limit it to just ritual use and don’t take any outside of that.

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Yes I was driven to use by my own urges to experience that feeling again. It’s incredible, not a bad thing for me. I love that feeling, and felt like using was the only way to achieve that sexual connection. However, this morning ironically just before I opened up to the forum to read posts, I had a tantric session again without the use of substance…for the first time I was able to really truly open up a psychic or telepathic connection and experience an amazing result. No Meth!


Anyone ever think how ridiculous it is that various religions look at sex as a sin unless in marriage. Personal view, it’s enjoyable, therefore it’s meant to be enjoyed, it would be a sin not to take part in the pleasures that life gives us

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To be fair, ultimately, it’s the babies born with no father or the marriages wrecked that are the “sin” aspect, not the tinglies part. Innocent people get their lives fucked before they even reach puberty by this, and even with the best welfare provision, it still has damaging effects, there are a ton of verifiable studies showing children of divorced parents and children of single parents tend to do less well.

(Obviously, some will excel, but the overall effect is damaging on the majority of people.)


^ This is what a lot of the media will attempt to do, when addressing the topic.

And there’s no easy solution - households with a single mother and a non-biological father have the highest rates of child abuse and neglect. Source: http://center4research.org/violence-risky-behavior/violence-and-threats-in-the-home/father-figures-are-the-answer-but-whats-the-question/


Yes, but that also comes down to the people involved. In general “normal” families have less oversight and people sticking their noses in than the others. So possibly it ends up being the same percentage just more reported. Also families with 2 incomes have more chance of kids being sent to private schools where results given are higher for the same work. A friend and I happened to be given the same assignment for one class. I went to a public school, he a private school . We wrote it together, changed only the name as an experiment. He got an A+, I got a B-.

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But worse off is worse off, whatever the reasons, so if you take that back through time prior to child welfare services and the welfare state, you can see why the attitude came about that sex was something best restricted to marriage, it was plain common sense to protect kids.

And as I showed above there will always be outliers, it’s just that the media will almost exclusively focus on those, from that last link:

A Perth researcher working on a major longitudinal study on the mental health of children once told me he shuddered when he heard I had called to inquire about their latest findings.

They had found that a key variable was family structure, with children in single-parent families most at risk, followed by step-families, and those with traditional two-biological parents least at risk. The researcher had been hoping the findings would slip under the media radar.

The silence on these issues is driven by nervousness about offending the many people in these non-traditional families who are doing a great job raising their children. But given the widespread public concern about child sexual abuse, it makes no sense to allow such sensitivities to prevent public discussion on a risk that far outweighs the chances of a child being groped by a Scout leader or molested in YMCA after-school care.

Most of the truly successful people I know come from married parents who remained together, these are the people who have solid careers, happy marriages, and in terms of genetics, they have succeeded by having 2 or more of their own kids.

I know lots of people from broken families, many had colourful or outright troubled lives, a handful made it, most didn’t. My own parents had their issues so I can more or less include myself in that group, although i wouldn’t wish to change either my parents, or my past.