Extratriestrial or Interdimentional?

Hello all.
I have come to grips with the realization that reality in of itself becomes all the more mysterious the more you learn about it.
E.A. Koetting posted a video a while back where he expressed that he felt that Lucifer may very well be an extratriestrial entity. If this is true then I would venture to say that many other entities would most likely be as well.
E.A. had also posted an extratriestrial video where he explained that he did not like the idea of contacting alien beings but gave a brief answer on how you could do so if you wanted to.
V.K. Jehannam made a video regarding “Extratriestrial Shamanism” where he spoke about interacting with entities off world but very little about the methodology in which he uses to do so. I sent a message V.K. to request further information on Extratriestrial Shamanism but he said his spirit guides would not allow him to speak further on the subject.

If we look at the ancient world it is hard to dispute the fact that we were and are being visited by other worldly beings.

My question to everyone is how much of what we do is dealing with extratriestrial entities or that of interdimentional beings? Does anyone on the forum work with extratriestrials?

I would love to hear everyones thoughts on this.


Negative opinions of my own of V.K. aside, communication with Aliens wouldn’t be hard, also pretty much all extraterrestrials are interdimensional. In fact, such a way, is fear.

All I’ll say, partly due to agreements I’ve made with others, is that if you work with anything Lovecraftian, you work with that kind of energy.


I agree with @Mephisto, at least the ones who could visit and interact with us.

I didn’t “work with them” but I encountered them. Two kinds so far, the ones we call Greys and Pleiadians. Some people believe the Greys work for Pleiadians… I don’t agree with that. If they work for someone then probably for what we call the Reptilians.

Yes this is very likely the case for many spiritual entities, in my opinion. But not all of them.


I can imagine that what we consider “physical” is a pretty linear view of reality. I believe the sightings that normal (non-magick performing) people have must be in some way physical. Little Grey men, Reptillians, and or Insectoids must appear in our dimension from time to time.

I have questioned very often how entities such as the Anunnaki fit into the paradigms sorcerers have made today.

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In my opinion, we’re not yet that advanced to understand the answer. Because it involves understanding the nature of reality itself.

If we do understand this nature, we’re not only going to figure out how all those pieces fit in the puzzle, but it would also mean we’ll become players in the game… just like those interdenominational beings we encounter. And that… we’re not ready for yet.

Quantum physics, which in its first steps now, gives us few hints every now and then. But we have long path to walk to understand how it all works and the correct connection of all dots that we experience but can’t fully explain.

Personally I believe this is going to happen eventually, but gradually. We’re used to picking pieces of information about reality and examine it individually then use it to figure out the rest, but that doesn’t always work. Sometimes one single piece of information could affect the whole structure, that’s why it’s connected deeply to everything… and without understanding the context, we won’t be able to understand what that piece of information means.

This is the case, I believe, when it comes to the nature of spirits and their relationship to aliens and interdenominational existence.


I find that the beings we work with are alien in the sense they’re from another plane of existence that encompasses the same energy as our own existence, but not that they are extraterrestrial like what the new age bullcrap pushes. Even other planes like the etheric have it’s own planetary bodies and the likes so it’s not far from my truth but when most say extraterrestrial they’re normally referring to the nonsense new age forums push.

Just like the Annunaki, they were known to be Gods, children of Anu, but once Stitchin botched the translation people started following the idea of planet X and the annunaki creating humanity to mine gold to fix their atmosphere and all that other nonsense.

So in short I do believe in ETs due to my experience with Pleiadians, Greys, reptilians, and such. However, I do not view beings like Lucifer, and the Gods as ETs in the same sense.


Out of curiosity, would you say Baal-Anu is an “earthly” spirit, like a lot of demons worked with here, or more “alien”?

I don’t consider any of the spirits mentioned here earthly.

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I’m not sure if this was just a WEIRD dream/experience but when I was young I became fascinated by the idea of aliens. This happened in elementary school. I started to read every book about the “Grey’s”, abductions, etc. Lol I wanted to talk to them.

So funny enough I decided to write a “letter” just to the “aliens” in general, saying I wanted to meet them, etc etc. I put it out in the mailbox (like kids do for “Santa Claus”), and got a letter back (although it was my dad who had wrote back to me as the “aliens”) and was excited thinking I had made contact!

Weeks later when I had pretty much forgotten about them, due to not having met any in person…I did have a really odd encounter and it wasn’t sleep paralysis well the first part.

I was in my bedroom (it was bedtime) and my sister was asleep as well. I dont know what made me look outside but I did and saw the weirdest lights right out in front of my window outside. Looked like the typical “UFO” lights but in a weird pattern. Pretty much I ended up “staring”/“zoning out” looking at the thing/lights outside of my window.

Got paranoid because I felt I was being watched or something. So pretty much hid under my covers, and blacked out (don’t remember how long till I had fallen asleep just hiding then blackness) – woke up somewhere in a half awake- asleep state.

It was a super bright circular/sphere like room…I did see writing/symbols or whatever near the “ceiling”, spanning around the room in a ban? And no I didn’t see anything but felt like I was not alone, just sensed something with me. I decided to let myself black out due to my state because I remembered the books I had read. Lol

Woke up with a sore stomache or something, and the next night dreamed about being abducted but was clearly an unrealistic dream.

I don’t know what this was (weird dream or whatever) but it’s a memory that sticks with me.

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It’s actually quite nice to read some of the stuff on this forum because memories get brought up like this, of course I don’t know WHAT happened as kids have big imaginations but this thread stood out in that it reminded me of that. And no I haven’t had any other experiences like that, that seemed like a one time thing for me.

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I have had very real, more real than real experiences with bodily dissolution, and ultra-terrestrial/ultra-temporal, advanced intelligence.

We need to define a better terminology to discuss these objects subject to seemingly paradoxical yet quantifiably anecdotal interpretations of such experiences, because specificity of abstract meta-analysis of such experiences I believe, is important to exact perfect extraction of meaning from these topics of discussion.

Beings of light exist, and beings of shadow exist and so many in between, void, crystalline, mercurial, molten, titanic, quantum, celestial, planetary, etc, etc, etc. But what is important is that all forms of existence are omni-dimensional, but the intelligence of the form determines its state realm nature of manifestation.


This is one thing I cant agree with EA on…Everything else he’s dead on…Interdimensional is what they are. I have worked with the greys and reptilians. Some of the serpent or snake like races ( there is one of human looking ppl which shimmering green skin…the females are utterly seductive. I have been pulled out of body by greys and mantis like beings.

Not a single one has claimed to be from another planet…All hail from a version of earth…There’s holes all over the place man. Holes that lead to parrallel places, other dimensions, and he mysteries of Earth are beyond any wonder imagined from intelligent life beyond Earth. The Earth is very much to a degree a part of Lucifer.

The greys are the easiest to contact. Print out Crowley’s Lam, and meditate as stated by Grant. While u do this, focus in mind with connecting to a grey…It took me 3 days back then when i was starting out, less disciplined…

Fermi paradox makes a hell of a lot of sense, and John Keel is recommended reading. Allen Greenfield offers some ideas how to contact them, but he too agrees they are extradimensional…

The alien idea is an idea that SELLS ( and i don’t knock anyone for seeking to profit off of what is a really big part of the American Zietgiet) , but it is not what it seems. Lucifer is alien in her/his full complexity, so yes we couldn’t even begin to comprehend how Lucifer’s mind operates or how Lucifer’s reality is…to us we would call it alien…but not in the since of existing on a physical planet outside of our solar system…

If something is out there of equal intelligence, they have to contend with the same shit we are dealing with. Beyond the Ort cloud surounding our solar system is a massive field of radiation…no living being we know of could pass. We have to assume they too in their advancements uncovered something similar, have ufos they can’t explain, have demons, spirits and things they interact with ( may or may not be the same entities we work with by another name), and have determined leaving their planet not as cost effective as sending drones to explore…The statistic chances something is interstellar is absurd…

There is a hole in what i say, and it deals with time travel…One can mentally travel forward, backwards, and sideways even. You can figure out where this goes.

Alien eggregores…or rather aliens used to create eggregores of certain races is a cool idea to create something…

But lets say something that we interface with in reality is unseen, a kinda shadow of our world that when theres a strong enough impression in ours, can copy things that may have been involved before disolving those constructs…Just an idea, not an explanation…

What Im told is the human race is being duped…aliens are useful eggregores for a certain social agenda. I first encountered the idea on a very very old website by a guy named Aaron Donahue, now Aaron Hanson who remote viewed Goetic demons as aliens…back then i bought the idea, because the demons weren’t appearing to me in anyway found in grimmiores…it was an interesting idea that was overlooked then…I would soon learn he wasn’t very stable mentally, and instructed not to take things as they are presented…

Back to the interdimensionals, the intensity of the experiences with them exceed most entities I’ve evoked excluding Lucifer (which when u have an entity materialize in your room…he’s pretty damn intense)

Im not gonna say ets dont exist, im going to say we haven’t encountered them yet…and are not probable for us to ever meet.


One thing I’d like to add; the observer also influences its manifestation. If you were a dog, or a fish, things would look very different to you. We must also take into account the mind that looks, not just the mind looked upon.

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