Ok so I was watching history channel. They said L Ron Hubbard and some other guy from NASA did an Alester Crowley ritual that opened a portal. They said after that is when all the ufo sightings started. Basicly implying that they opened a dimension to let aliens into our dimension. They were saying that demons and gods were extraterrestrials. What do u guys think of this.

Lol, I saw that episode yesterday on youtube. I could see the ancient alien theory working out and the demons and gods the ancients wrote about being extraterrestrials. I could see many theories working out. I guess the main thing is if it works for you then keep it up.

You just hit your 333 post. It’s a lucky number you should look it up. :slight_smile:

They said that the evocation Crowley did of the demon he called Lamb ultimately cost him his life. They showed a sketch from his notes. It really looks like an alien. I’ve always thought that the cosmos is like the old scifi movies like Star Wars with all different alien races.

I noticed you posted on the Hitler topic. What do you think about the pledians helping Hitler? The ancient aliens show suggested that they were responsible for the German’s state of the art technology at that time and it also suggested that the pledians were responsible for the Nazi’s wanting to create a perfect Aryan race. I bet that show was a tough pill for lightworkers to swallow. lol

I think the correct spelling is Lam but yeah it’s pretty common for me to see stuff similar to Lam while scrying. There’s all kinds of interesting looking creatures out there in the hidden regions of the subconscious.

Well of all channels the weather channel actually did a bio on this; Jack Parson’s and Devil’s Gate in Pasadena. It’s actually quite interesting.

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Paledians? My friend went to a seminar in Arizona about them. Light workers are total tool bags. Just like the born again Christians that think they are under gods protection. lol ok. it’s hard for me to take people that talk about aliens seriously. Do u think they are different then the 72 goeatia? I’ve just summoned those types of demons. And if u can summon them with your mind. Why do they need space ships?

Long ass post inbound!

So, I was asked this question about a year ago; about the whole extra-terrestrial and occult connect. It’s more of a recent theory that is attributed to Crowley via his followers. At least, in the research I’ve done.

L. Ron Hubbard was more or less a con-artist to Crowley. There’s a quote about it on Wikipedia, cited from author George Pendle in his book Strange Angel. I’m not sure if Crowley said that himself. However, the more recent followers of Crowley that are in the American O.T.O. at the time were:

Kenneth Grant (Crowley’s secretary, whom he hated for a while)
Jack Parsons (who was an avid Thelemite but Crowley seemed him to be too gullible)

While there were others, neither were heads of anything, aside from Karl Germer. Hubbard was noted for his charisma and charm but he sounded more of a psychopath than anything else what with his glibness, charisma, sexual promiscuity and general parasitic lifestyle of VA disability. He’s more of a Jim Jones character in my book.

Hubbard seemed to have pulled a ton of information off of Parson’s wife, Sara, whom he eventually married and went to Pasadena. He also seems, after his Babalon ritual with the Parson’s, that he couldn’t handle much. Sounds like he went crazy, started dianetics with some crazy interpretations and Jack Parson’s blew himself up shortly after creating a portal to hell. Vice news covered it as well but most of it is flooded now or covered with Earth. As an occultist, I would say if the Earth and Water has covered it for about three days or more, any real power there is gone (since those are grounding elements). Now that we have THAT out of the way, here’s what I’ve seen so far:

The entity known as LAM seems to be a spelling of IAM. I think it’s misinterpreted because the first letter looks like an L but if you see that all of the letters are capitalized, it’s probably an I; hence: IAM. IAM wasn’t really a new concept at that time since Guy Ballard, a “Theosoph” promoted his “IAM activity” which was largely based off of Blavatsky’s teachings. This was done at around the same time.

The only thing I know much about it that corresponds to it is the God Name, in Hebrew: “Eh-heh-yeh,” which means “I am” or “I shall.” It’s the same phrase when Moses spoke to the burning bush in Exodus: “I am that I am” or “I shall be what I shall be.” It’s an infinitive phrase, much like God.

In the Kabbalistic correspondences, I AM/Eh-heh-yeh, is applied to Keter, the Crown, the Supernal Head, attributed to Metatron- the scribe of God. There’s differences in account to weather Moses spoke to the Metatron, as stated in various Talmudic lore, or just to another angel. Crowley spent his entire life trying to test weather IAM was real or false or the same as Aiwazz. I don’t think any of his writings, while strange, are ciphered.

The picture of IAM was reported by Kenneth Grant to have been drawn by Crowley. He was expelled by Germer for that afterwards. Not sure if it’s true or not but the concept of the “Grey Aliens” are also mentioned by George Orwell in the late 1890’s (I think), in response to the Second Industrial Revolution and how man would become gross, small, grey things to be nothing more than slaves to, at the time, the Robber Barons (along with other economic ideas like communism, socialism or capitalism).

To think they are aliens, I’m not convinced myself. I’ve yet to make contact with them myself but I’ve never solicited. As far as Angels themselves: I’ve seen and heard those before. However, I’ve never seen one “appear.” Probably, anyway, my memory is a little off. To me, the picture seems more like an appropriation of something with a large head, a supernal head, itself. Spirits take different shapes, depending on the ability of the receiver. I think that covers it.

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That actually makes sense. Thanks.

Awesome post Kenneth, thank you!

To add a personal note, I’ve posted before about how I was severely depressed, and basically using the RHP thing of merger back to Source as a form of meta-suicide.

One of the things that stopped me going 100% down that route was the realisation that this had opened up a new ability:

[quote=“Lady Eva, post:1, topic:4703”]… I BECAME as the All and everything, every consciousness and every event, was an emanation of Me) and was briefly able to make things happen with thought alone.

That came towards the end of this period by, primarily, focusing on the concept of complete and dissolved merger back to Source, and I attained that on several occasions, coming back and finding that I could briefly make events happen “miraculously” just by thinking about them…[/quote]

The key to contextualising that ability, and the hinge upon which I turned and saved my own life, and also began to dispel forever any desire to end my own existence, was to chant the statement “I AM” over, and over, and over, until I began to see myself securely held within both the mind of the All which I now knew by be non-different from my own, and yet also - the “AM” part, as I saw it - existed as a unique and important seperate soul experiencing and co-creating reality.

I think people often muddle up perfectly simple concepts and it wouldn’t surprise me if I AM was variously turned into a statement of some external god, or even fetishised into a scary entity. But I have no doubt that, properly deployed, it can change the world - because you ARE the world.

Apologies if this is OT but I AM saved my life in a major way and I had no sense that it was connected to the angry spirit in the Old Testament, nor aliens - it’s just a statement of fact.