Extracting/Evoking a part of One's Being/Personality. Possible?

Is it possible to evoke Someone’s any particular Habit, Specific Personality Trait or even Core Being. All this are in a way spirits and Thus should be possible to evoke. Tulpa Creation is very similar but opposite, where instead of Evoking, U create a new one and add it to any specific person.

In ‘Yoga to power’ it is said occultists Evoke their Bad personality traits like Lust, Anger etc in front of them and give them instructions, have conscious control over them, instead of completely getting rid of them. I want to evoke them and destroy them so the person has no more of that trait/habit.

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Just evoke it and bind it like any other thing out there, there’s no real difference.


Will that be the real spirit which if binded will be no longer part of that person? Or will it be a copy of the spirit as spirits can appear in multiple places at any point of time/ copying itself in a way. They work like flames, lighting multiple lamps. I think the reason is in the higher realm Space doesn’t exist as we know it to be. The real thing has to go away.

Aren’t you that guy harping on about hindu ascetics and all that?

Then if you’ve put any practice in you should know what it means for yourself to summon yourself at the behest of yourself.

Think about what a spirit is in relation to truth, not theory or opinion.

In practical matters however, as long as you do it properly, yes it’ll be the spirit itself. And since its literally part of your current personality you’ll have a better link to it.

Time doesn’t exist in the way it does in regular reality anyways, things create themselves in the future to then end up creating themselves, shit happens all the (non)time. who’s to know it hasn’t already done whatever you want to avoid already, the best thing you can do is have it stop itself when it was doing it if that was the case.

If you want hard techniques, there’s chod, a tibetan buddhist thing.


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Lol, Yes, i am that guy and looks like I have annoyed some in this forum. Will stop doing it.

This one helped to some extent.
But still wana do it for someone else and wanna evoke and transfer the spirit/entity like Extreme shamanic healers do to spirits causing illness . Sometimes A rotten arm can be fixed instantly and the rottenness will be transferred to a goat or big tree which will crumble
down within few seconds.

Basically the same thing, like I said, summon yourself for yourself at the behest of yourself.

Now there’s just some other body in the mix and you have a weaker link, which means if you can’t vastly overpower them you’ll probably have difficulties. But its the same thing.

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Very interesting and sounds doable… intention is everything. I wonder if you can do this with narcissism, which can be viewed as a lack… :thinking:

I feel an experiment coming on. :slight_smile:


Phil Hine has an essay called “Howling,” available for free on chaosmatrix.org, in which he describes how he evoked, named, and bound the demons of his psyche.

it is worth reading if you are looking to build your own ritual to do the same.


Hiya OP! The thing that gives the psyche or dominant mental patterns their power over the persons is their lack of defined structure and form to their tormentees.

Ya know how Voldemort made phylacteries? You’ve got to jimmy yourself into enough recognizable parts, as many as possible, and push them into organized objects. Be sure to lock every little door behind them so you prevent leakage! You can exert control on that which you can see. :slight_smile:

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Yes, it’s completely possible. What else matters?

Divide the parts up inside your mind and lock them? I’ve done something similar if that’s what you mean… each section is a locked room and explore each one at a time while the others are locked.

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yes, cant’ agree more brother.

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If you’ve ever summoned/ evoked someone before it’s similar to that.

You can summon the person’s bad habit as an aspect of their psyche/ spirit and bind it to a physical object( to be a representation of said habit) and then you can bury it in the ground (symbolic of Said habit dying) and ask the earth to cleanse it for you and as the earth goes through it’s natural cycles the habit should transform into something good


It was an awesome article U suggested. Thanks.

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Best reply yet. Thanks. One question, can deep rooted habits like Ego, SOme primordial Fear be extracted like this?
And some habits are deeply connected with memory, may be the memory also has to ‘GO’ first for the habit to leave?? any thoughts?

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Sorry I couldn’t get back to you on this sooner.

Deeper rooted habits in question have to be a continuous working that you understand for a long term. You’ll gain progress with each working but memories are volatile and can be fickle but you can use this to deal with such, it’ll just take a bit more time

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Memories can be easily both wiped out and implanted using Sammohan/Hypnotism. Very few know the wonders of Hypnotism, specially at it’s advanced level. One can completely wipe out the slate and in it’s place plant a fabricated character starting from childhood time up to the present moment, though the environment won’t agree after he/she goes out and tries to interact according to that fabricated life/character.

I do wonder why something so powerful like hypnotism isn’t popular in the occult circle.

Anyway, Thanks for taking out time and replying.

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Oh it’s just under the surface; you just have to know where to look.

And yes you can wipe out the memories with hypnotism but some emotions still have to be released or the energy can still linger unanchored

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