Extra-planetary alchemy

I didn’t really know where to put this, so I put it to general - I was researching the alchemy of the planets and while our solar system’s energies are utilized it feels like that a lot of smaller bodies or energies are neglected. Also, it kinda feels too localized to be honest - I haven’t yet heard of any ritual where people call on planetary energies from other solar systems…

But expanding on the Trees and other systems like them, we usually have descriptions for what alchemical changes will occur if someone would work with those planets, but their moons and satellites which are named and have some deities associated with them are left out. Are their effects so negligible that they’re not worth working with?

For example in some systems I’ve seen Pluto and heard about the changes Algol can bring, but nothing about Phobos or Deimos, or even Ceres, Charon, etc. Are there any material on smaller planetary alchemy or non-localized planetary magick?

This is just speculation, but there’s a vast world out there and the alchemies of other solar systems could be harnessed for more evolution :thinking:


Been on my mind a lot lately hopefully some useful info is posted :smile:

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I really hope so, because I highly doubt that we are the only ones thinking about this :smiley: It’s a bit like we’re not wanting to leave our hometown or something…

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Fr , utilizing the moon cycles is the most talked about form of alchemy regarding like cosmic and spacey type energies but curious how to utilize the sun and other planets as well

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All you have to do is channel it.

I keep hearing, “the magician never tells their secret.” It could be that maybe it works well but it’s not shared. It’s like telling an ordinary, non-spiritual person you work with demons. They’re not associated with spirituality and you’re telling them something that they neglect to believe.

People are less aware of these planets than easily known planets such as the Sun and the Moon. They work with these basic planets because they are more comfortable with them, and have a sense of what can happen when they work with them.

Work with them yourself. Find out what they can bring. Look up planets and associate certain things with powers. Feel their energies and determine what they could do.

You can channel anything solar.

For example, I feel that the astroid 4 Vesta is compact. I feel like it could help with grounding, healing, bringing things to you, and raising consciousness. 4 Vesta is a darker planet to me. It vibrates low. Hence, grounding.

The planet Phobos brings a supernatural type of energy for me. It might help with mystical things, awareness, opening someone’s mind, wisdom, making things happen faster, and bringing things to your matrix. I hear a high-pitched, but low, calming vibration when I channel it. It gives me visions every time I think about the planet.

I heard “Even the smallest thing can harness the largest power.”

Also, take planets as Oracle. Oracle is used for bigger, more important subjects, and the advice lasts for longer amounts of time. Planetary energies are not meant to be used for small things that you can simply do. Their power is to be utilized for big things. Maybe for something that you cannot do. You’re bringing their energy to you. It’s gonna last long and your matrix might change a lot. Planets work faster too. You’re straight up channeling their energy.


Thank you and yeah, honestly I felt that this might be the case - I feel as if my guides won’t let me go the lazy route haha :sweat_smile:

I didn’t channel everything about them, but that’s interesting info :thinking: from what I could piece together from the background of the deities Phobos (phobia) and Deimos (terror) I thought that they would empower people with bringing fear and terror into their lives and transforming them that way. As for the others, I asked because I couldn’t find any information I could go about, but I know I will have to channel this kind of stuff myself.


Definitely the case- by hey, when you work for it , you learn what you want and more

I see. Like a tower moment.

Good. Things have different meanings for different people because we all interpret things differently. It could pull different energy to you than it would to someone else or have different uses. :slight_smile:

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From what i have been able to tell these have been explored more on small personal level experiments that don’t make it into the “popular” reference material most will find.

As you said there are small mentions in some texts about the effects of various stars and systems but these are on individual basis. Part of this seems to vary depending on the interest of the practitioner or the project opportunities presented.

For example are a few texts that mention rites to explore with draconis constellation, the dog star, Sirius and Capricorn. I haven’t explored these much yet but i have noticed them mentioned throughout the years in various forms.

The general planetary work woth just the local powers and elements can take years to exhaust possible things to explore alone which is part of why sone people just stick with them.

Between the raw powers available and the various spirits of each sphere and element there is a plethora of potential projects presented to the magus.