Exterior or Interior? (Nature of Spirits)

The world of Magick especially on the left-hand path is usually divided into two groups of people: those who believe that demons, angels and the likes exist outside of self and those who would consider these beings to be mere aspects of our psyche. From my experience I consider both sides to be quite valid as nothing is real until it has been observed (reference from book of Azazel). Therefore, if there’s a possibility that these forces are basically archetypes that humans can tap into on the mental plane, there’s also the possibility of materialization through the force of will and imagination. I would love to hear the thoughts of other seekers on this topic.


From a human prospective beings dont exist until you make them exist. Do they exist? Or do you create them?

For me they exist externaly and internaly. But only because i have made it so? Theres always been some force out/within thats always been guiding and directing.

My acknowledgement, focus and attention has made it stronger. Energy direction in both ways seems to create a certain force that expands if that makes sense.


Exactly, all things exist in relation to self (including the self). Which is why ultimately I am the only God that is. Same thing for you within your subjective universe.

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Which spirits ? Gods, Demons, Angels, Jinn, Ghosts and Shadows, Faeries, Servitors… ?

Some types of spirits exist only in the mental or astral plane, others exist in the physical plane. In magick and rituals I believe both kinds equally exist externally and internally no matter which ones we’re working with. The only difference in the effect they cause in the physical plane… how they perform the actions we ask or demand.


As you said some people saw them as to be mere aspects of our psyche. Aleister Crowley saw the demons as aspects of a person’s mind. He believed one could control these aspects through ritual.

“Nothing is real until is observed” is a gift of quantum mechanics to us. Still, we accept it in quantum level; not in classical physics. (As you know in classical physics, two bombs with identical fuses would explode at the same time whereas, in quantum physics, two absolutely identical radioactive atoms can and generally will explode at very different
Lately new theories like the two-dimensional universe, holographic universe try to explain all these two strange worlds in one system. Which I see in line with what Kybalion says.
We may be living in a dream of ALL and yet we feel it so real and likewise, demons who are divine beings with full of wisdom are also part of reality and they are real as much as we are.

Our scientific knowledge is not enough yet to absorband understand fully the absolute reality maybe we will never get there. But yet think we are living in the 14th century and someone is trying to explain atoms or microbes. You would not. Once you say there are tiny creatures they are living within your body but they are not yet a part of your body and they hold a completely different presence, some are helpful some are dangerous, they would skin you in the east burn you in the west.

I think demons exist in different planes yet a part of ALL ( in Kybalion terms) but having said so, I do not reject Crowley, and yet I believe that our minds are the most important gates between those planes. With the help of our mind, we create gates, bridges and communicate with these divine beings of wisdom which are at least as real as we are.


Indeed, it seems we possess the ability to walk between worlds

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You make valid points. If we claim to be emergents of the dream of ALL yet perceive our universe as objectively real, the same will hold true for the realm of spirits, demons, angels, etc. We as humans stand at the crossroads of these different dimensions. As above So below indeed.

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