Extent of power, attributes?

i wanted to say what happened with me this past few days,i was having pain in my back everyday and i asked many times to the King Belial to do something to help me,i closed my eyes and i started to see what seemed to be white nerves,like eletricity from my feet until the top of my head which gave me a sensation of stunned in the end and relaxement,i felt sleep,ended up sleeping and until now,7days without pain…

the pain is mere due to the daily activities,working in a chair infront of a computer and etc,also some stress that is normal,maybe too much coffee too…

i didnt knew that he could do that,but honestly i always had this feeling that he could do anything…

had a weird dream that i saw a boiling river and someone drinking a cup of tea,had ginger on my fridge,i woke up and decided to make alot of ginger tea,i made it and after i put it on the fridge to drink it cold…

honestly,the pain was gone and i believe that is was due to this things that happened…

i have no idea what he made,but it was funny because i ended up making all this tea to drink and well,feeling a hundred percent again…

i am still waking up like 5 times a night,but well,atleast i dont feel tired…

just wanted to share this,its cool to see how the things happen,its good to be in the good shape again…




Ginger is a natural anti inflammatory. :wink:


Nice result! :thumbsup:


curious like i am,now i will even want to know who was drinking the tea in the dream lol

a simple ginger solved the problem =D

small things that make big difference,good to pay more attention in this details to avoid drinking too much remedy

feeling good again,that is priceless


Could have been you. May have been a vision of what you needed to do to take care of yourself. Would be interesting to find out!


I sit at a cubicle all day and my back hurts. I felt Belial hit the base of my spine and then energy like electricity run up my spine into my head and I saw a white light. My back cracked and the pain was gone.

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i am feeling 500% better,zero pain…

good to see that you have a similar experience =)

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Interesting dream you had. Not long ago I was browsing drinks in the store and settled on a chilled bottle of Ginger Tea.

the effect is amazing,combined with ginseng pills,even better…
i am finishing this year a college of sciences and next year i will start medicine

when we have perspective,life seems to be a easy mode game in all aspects

enjoy your friday =)

I will. I always enjoy the weekends. I used to eat alot of ginseng… and one time went on a trip to San Francisco and ended up buying a whole case of Ginseng Gum from chinatown. Lately I have been drinking Triente Sized Iced Drip coffee for my fix (Triente is X-Large). But perhaps doing some chinese herbals would be a nice change as I am growing bored of the same thing everyday. I did the Ginger Tea for like almost a week straight.

I drink alot of pineapple juice for my diet (as it sweetens ones body chemistry esp for Love), and occassionally eat Figs/Dates, and take my Zinc vitamin pills.

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funny,your initial is K and mine is B

King Belial lol

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