Extension of life and Unnatural living

So the goal is become a Living God right? Well you can’t be a Living God if you’re no longer living right? So I was thinking is there a way to extend one’s life beyond the natural length? Or better yet to be eternally youthful?

Now, I’m not just thinking about looking the age you are now forever I’m also thinking energy wise. I would prefer it if I didn’t get old and tired and forgetful and generally sad looking. I’d like to have the energy of a 5 year old and the strength of a 25 year old until I’m 200 hundred or more.

There are yogis (and some regular people) in India who are supposedly way over 100 years old. Yes, it could just be that these people just don’t really know there own age and report falsely but as an aspiring Living God I have an open mind that I can find some way to achieve such long years. These people don’t even have the privilege of modern medicine and modern living with its supposed improvement of life quality as well as life extension. Old age for a wandering monk in a third world country should be a privilege not a rule right?

Also I have heard of people being able to live without the normal food and water. There are some catholic saints who claim to live on only the Eucharist or some yogis living on only the breath. Does anyone think this is possible, and how it might be accomplished? I feel as if it has something to do with the extension of life as well.

Also there is the legend of St. Germain. He was an alchemist who achieved immortality. Now, he could be all legend but stories like his and about the fountain of youth seem pretty prevalent and there is something in the collective consciousness about it so maybe there is something to it?

Also EA wrote (this is a very loose paraphrase) that Earth, the material world, is THE place to be. We came here to master it. So it would make sense if you could extend your time here, yes?

These people who “live on the dew of the morning” are called Breatharians. There is an account of the 250 year old Chinese Good Luck Man. He was an advanced Qi Gong practitioner. You can read briefly about this in Dr. Yang Jwing-Mings book entitled BRAIN AND MARROW WASHING QIGONG if my old and decrepit senile memory serves me correctly!

Yes, I believe these modes of being ARE possible. Check out Webu Sayadaw on the web (no pun intended). A very advanced Burmese monk of The Forest Traditon. He rarely slept after he became an Arahant. Becoming enlightened and Living Gods IS possible. People have been doing it for centuries!

This topic came up in the last “Interview with a Magus” with Robert Bruce.
They were talking about shapeshifting and Bruce explained it the way he understands it. It was something along the lines of taking your physical body into the astral, reshape it and bring it back into the physical again. That was his explanation of how Native American shamans could turn into various animals. He added, that this could also be applied to immortality. Basically taking your for instance 60 years old physical body into the astral, rejuvenate it there, and bring it back into the physical. At least that’s how I understood the process, but I could be mistaken.

Draja Mickaharic, an occult author who isabout 100 years old, if he is still alive, wrote a book on Immortality. I can’t post a link from this phone, but check it out.

Another method of shapeshifting involves writing aspects of other realities into this world. This could also be used for that purpose.