Expression of Gratitude

I would like to give big thanks to Father Lucifer, King Clauneck, Marquis Cimejes, and Lord Keroshin. About two months ago, I went on an interview for a better, higher paying job that would be a career. After applying to the position, I asked both Father Lucifer and King Clauneck to at least let me be selected for an interview during a meditation ritual. A week after that meditation ritual, I received an email stating that I have been selected for an interview. A few days after that email, I received a call from the Project Manager about when to come in for the interview. At the time I happened to be reading a short book, and I performed a meditation ritual to Marquis Cimejes asking for his help in a particular area that I knew I really needed.

I went for the interview during the last week of this past August. I failed the interview. The Project Manager cut the interview short. Obviously, I was quite pissed. The frustration passed later that day. Exactly two weeks after the interview, the Project Manager selected me for the job. I was baffled and also extremely happy! Before receiving a start date, I would have to undergo the long hiring process. I finally received my start date today and I want to give BIG THANKS to Father Lucifer, King Clauneck, Marquis Cimejes, and Lord Keroshin for all they have blessed me with.

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