Expression Magic

While working with Zainael, who introduced me to a very powerful form of magical system known as Expression Magic. This type of magic has taken on many name’s such as Visual Meditation, Void Work, and Most recently Transendent Magick. The Expression Triangle is utilized to Manifest the personal Desires of the Dark Sorcerer/Sorceress into becoming Reality. Outside of Dream magic, only One Percent of Practitioners are able to master this technique. Zainael Explained that due to the Personal Nature of this form of Witchcraft, if one is not Discipled and Focused Enough, the Shear Raw Power of this Baneful Magic can consume even kill the practitioner. This is due to the Practitioner working not with nature or Spiritual aid within Balance, but more in league with Power itself of the very Magic and personal will. Think of a drug to an addict. Same example applies. This magic reaches the peek of power of Hexcraft, Tearing of the Vail, even said to break the barrier itself between the living and the dead. Many examples of this can be found within the Black Raven, The Grimoire of Armadel, and the Munich Manuscript and others.

When I first started working with this type of Magic, the intense mediation periods were exhausting, but over time, began viewing a mesmerizing Blue light, with a White Tint to it before being able to push into the very waistlands of the old ones.

Thinking about sharing my personal experiences in this area.


Please do so, it’s rearely discussed with a degree of precision and genuity as you do here.

And a personal Note, usually that form of Magick is supposed to be combined with some form of Immortality, for example through vampiric Energy consumption, Healing Magick '(yes even Reiki, but not on the levels normally tought to people in books.), or alchemy.
Belials Black Alchemy may definately help you to get there.

Note that we’re talking of relative immortality,
as in: you may survive a few more hits, and be more lucky to get out of danger,
but it’s usually no good idea to force the luck and put a gun on your own head just for checking if it works to make you survive the shot. :wink:
Being able to restore the Body is NOT the same thing as being completely invincible.
Belial is one of the main teachers for Invincibility,
so he can explain you more about the difference i mean.

Funny side Note:
I was just during the last 2 Days refocused to look into Alteration Magick,
and how in comparising to Illusion, it is based on the Elements and Laws of Nature,
while illusion can just trick the mind into going out of these laws, but doesn’t physically manifest an outcome,
the Atleration /or Change Magick, is about manipulation or reality based on it’s real properties.

Telekinesis (the form that’s based on Bio-Magnetism, and actually yields visible results by practice), is falling into that category, even tho it often crosses boundries with illusion. There are many ways to make something leviatate but less few are actually done by the mind, and affecting real matter.

Weapon / Item enchantment is another form of Alteration / Change M…

So i guess, i’ll love learning more. :blush:




Can you list the steps you have taken to excel in this path?

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