Expose a Liar

Hey everyone, hope you are staying safe and well among these current conditions. I live in an area that’s under strict quarantine abd is a hot bed for the virus. So I’ve been staying home and I’ve had more time on my hands for magick. One of the spells I’m going to cast is to expose someone who lies and makes up stories to hurt people. Unfortunately this person gets away with it a lot and leaves victims in her wake. I was looking through the angels if wrath book and was thinking maybe the “diminish beauty” ritual because the author states that they would start to show ugly emotions in their face. What I am looking to do is to expose that this person is ugly on the inside if that makes any sense. I’m tired of this person not only getting away with lying and making up stories, but I’m also tired of this person benefiting by hurting others. Any suggestions as far as which ritual in the “angels of wrath” book works well fir this would be much appreciated. Thank you


Much luck to you I have had my life torn into tatters by such people…

Thank you, this is a person that I have gotten away from but it still just doesn’t sit right with me that she can freely do what she does. She needs to be put in her place.

There isn’t much for exposing in that work. I’d suggest the Bind/Silence/Punish your Enemy ones if you have to use only that book.

But I’ve had success with this from Goetic daemons, and nothing from Angels of Wrath has worked for me.

From Goetia Pathworking by Corwin Hargrove:
Valac - to expose betrayal
Andromalius - make a disloyal person reveal the truth


I have considered those rituals as well. I’m not as experienced with this type of magick as some of the other folks here which is why I’m sticking with angels right now. I’ve been doing witchcraft for over 30 years but angel and demon magick is new to me. I saw that one guy in this forum asked a demon for $30,000 and his house burned down, yikes. It isn’t completely out of the question though, I might try the demons as a last resort if I were to ever find myself in a bad enough situation and nothing else was working.

Corwan Hargrove, I was looking at some of his books on Amazon and think I downloaded some samples. I think he is the author of “demons of wrath”? I would consider other books, angels of wrath just happens to be the one I have on hand right now.