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Merry Meet!
Hello all! I am Alchamais and have been following wicca for many years. I am a 46/m living in La USA. I look forward to helping and receiving help in here. Currently I am in need of help for a situation that needs a harmless but permanent solution. If anyone can guide me i would greatly appreciate it. I have very poor luck at visualization so i run into dead ends alot when this is required. I have taken on the realization that there is alot I still do not know and feel like a bother at times when I am trying to learn/understand something new that I need and have to ask 100 questions lol ? So I would welcome a patient guide if anyone is interested. I am studying aspects of Voodoo and name papers at current. Well I think I have bored you all enough for now, if anyone can help with my current problem I would welcome the help! Summary, I need a past transgression forgotten and the person it was with to be removed from my life (ie move away from here asap!) Ty and Blessed Be!

Welcome to the forum.

How long is “many?”

Since i was 17 so 29 years and ashamed to say I have followed the rede but am way out of practice and desire to teach my full potential for the benefit of my family friends and self

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