Experimenting with the construction of a new entity

Hello everybody.:smile: I’m fairly new to all this but i’m thinking for the future when i master evocation, soul travel and divination of certain subjects including constructing a totally new being with the help of the demons.

The project is all about designing the aspect of the entity, the odor, taste, personality, niche of power, sigil, etc…
If successful then moving on to actually summoning the new creation. What are the risks involved?

Is it possible that instead of summoning your creation to, instead, summon a trickster that will completely destroy you and steal your body for itself? Is it going to be successful? What demons can help with protecting against a total failure and disaster?

I know this is a fairly odd subject but i am really interested in the subject of creating new things and opening doorways to the unknown and would love advice on safety and ways to succeed.
Thanks lots for any help in advance.:sweat_smile:

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While I have not made any thought forms I do know of some pretty good resources for doing do. :wink: First off, no spirits are going to steal your body if you are sporting one of these.

But seriously the most trouble you might get from this is a defective servitor of some kind, but that is preventable and they are normally easy to get rid of. It looks like you are also a beginner so I recommend this guy’s channel the grand infinity has tons of good stuff including a video called How to Create a Servitor And now here is the Reddit Tulpa Guides they have tons of stuff about making tulpas which are type of thought form and how to develop them so that they talk to you and some of the advanced stuff allows you to swap places with it and even have it constantly visible. The subreddit follows the psychological model of magic for the most part but there is a guide on using tulpas in your magical workings near the bottom of the list.


A protection tattoo? Where can i get one? I’ve seen that episode of supernatural by the way :grin:.
But isn’t a protection tattoo preventing you from any form of evocation or invocation with your teaching demons?

Use the search feature. Also program in a single word that the mere utterance will reabsorb it.

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:rofl:That tattoo is pretty weak sauce compared to this hardcore protection.


I’m gonna laser print my rib cage with warding sigils now! BOOYEAH! hope i don’t die in the process…:rofl:


For real though the tattoo is from a tv show so unless you are a chaos magician I doubt it will be too effective for you, that and you have not really pissed off crowly yet. :laughing:

I just thought of this which should help you out tremendously, The Psychonaut Field Manual by bluefluke it covers this topic and much more in a way I wish many more occult authors could. I highly recommend reading this over at least a few times.(I hope this doesn’t get removed because this is an open source pdf that the author allows being distributed)

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Some of the ways the writer refers to creating a thought form is exactly the way i intuitively was more terrified of = as mere hallucinations that may turn against you if given a personality.

Now that is not fun. :weary: It is even worst than loosing your body to an entity. Means going insane. As to the idea of avoiding even THAT risk but still getting a companion that other people can feel if not even see.

I know it sounds ambitious BUT in the future humanity IS going to be able to create beings and objects through alchemy from thought to real tangible object/being. So that’s how far i would like to go…

If you are worried about insanity do some grounding techniques. As for them turning against you that’s unlikely since you can starve them of attention and they will return to source.

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