Hello, I know this could go both ways, but I am looking forward to changing up my life some or just waiting for certain changes so I came up with the Idea that I could be used as and experiment for any new castings or just anything that you have been looking forward to try out. Basically, you can cast anything on me and I will message you how the results turn out. The only worry i have is how negative some of you can get. Either way, If you would like to try something, message me and I will give you my full name and other details of interest. Thank you

I’d quite like to try a method of manifesting something in someone’s life, I was just given it and obviously I’m worried that, although I’m testing it on myself, confirmation bias might be more responsible for the results than genuine magick.

It won’t be anything bad because 1. I’m not an asshole! and 2. I want you to be in one piece to report about it. :slight_smile:

If you’re interested, please PM me your first name, general location (not address, just your general location in the world, like “north-east America” or whatever) and sun-sign, I’ll figure out a design whereby you know when it’s happened without looking too hard (confirmation bias again) and we can try it out?

If that doesn’t appeal to you no worries! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your interst Lady Eva.

I’m having a crazy-busy month, had a close family friend pass on, fell out irrevocably with a friend which has been pretty upsetting, and then something absolutely incredible happened as well, with us regaining contact with a whole branch of my fam who I thought we’d never hear from, so I’ve got a bit sidetracked, apologies.

I can’t work out a way to make this proofed against confirmation bias so I’m going to give up on that side because it’s just making the delay extend, and PM the volunteers the kind of thing I’ll try to manifest - I do have my next major project lined up and it dovetails nicely with that.

Sorry to slip with this, but the coming shift in my life was evidently linked to the family stuff and it’s been pretty crazy, but hopefully will also be awesome, if it works out as foretold.