Experimentation with EVP Device & Weird Occurances with My Daughter

So I mentioned several months ago I have an EVP device and planned on testing it out with a spirit but I never did, until last night.

I turned it on and said can you say hello and it said “howdy”

Then I said I can feel you right up on me, behind me and it said "northern"
and the direction behind me was the north, it repeated northern once more and then later said “north”

Basically I cannot share the exact details of the conversation but my daughter was in the room and I was speaking out loud to this spirit and she realized that every question I asked the spirit was getting accurate responses, answering the way it should have instead of answering with utter bullshit repsonses and I think it started to scare her, and the spirit knew this so when my daughter asked “what are you? a ghost?” it said “Domonic” as if stating a name but I said to the spirit, you meant demonic didn’t you?

Turns out the spirit said Domonic because he knew she was getting frightened and knew that I would understand what that word really meant as I asked him to clarify this in my mind, but he said it in a way so she would think it was just a name. So I quickly dismissed the item as being only a toy so my daughter would not be having nightmares or anything and turned it off.

The spirit’s sense of humor was obvious though based on some of things he said to me. At one point he said “exorcise” and I said, I’m not exorcising nothing, I like my demonic energy juice! Just thought you all might find that interesting, this device really did work because I could hear the spirit speaking to me as well, so I knew it was really him speaking thru that device. So those things are not just fun and games but you need to be able to hear spirits in order to verify that what you hear is real or at least know the spirit’s personality to see if the words match up to how they usually communicate with you.

I know I’ve said previously that my daughter has been christianized by my parents but something seems to be different about her recently. She is acting very oddly, more like me. Keeps talking about human souls and eating them, seems to have adapted a strong love for witches and vampires and she is just behaving differently. I even caught her drinking her own blood the other day, don’t even ask about that one I still have no clue what encouraged her to do that.

I have never spoken of any of this stuff around her, I don’t have any posters on my walls about vampires and I try not to watch anything goth or dark around her so I really have no idea where these changes are coming from. And the thing is, you can usually tell when a child mentions creepy stuff out of playing make believe or pretending, but this is not the same thing she is so serious when she speaks of these things.

I don’t consider it a bad thing because she is by no means mentally unstable, she is very chipper and happy. I see it as a step in the right direction so maybe one day she will be more like me and will ask questions about religion and have a true appreciation for the dark stuff. After all, my parents indoctrinated her without my approval so hopefully she will end up getting interested in the goth stuff enough to start exploring a bit further and may eventually end up reading about witchcraft or something.

It won’t bother me either way as I do not indoctrinate her by any means, I believe she has the right to choose her own beliefs but I do wish she would start asking questions because if she truly wants to know then I will tell her what she can handle, but not unless she asks. She asked me if Katy Perry was suppose to be a dark Egyptian goddess in her Dark Horse video and then started speaking about Katie being Satanic or something.

And the reason she was around me when the EVP thing occured is because she grabbed it and turned it on and started speaking to it and it started to answer her so I had to play along and pretend like it was just a toy.

Where did you get this EVP device? I fine magick and science mixing very curious

Uh, magick is a science so why is mixing the two weird?
Magick, science, and physics go hand in hand.

Uh, magick is a science so why is mixing the two weird?
Magick, science, and physics go hand in hand.[/quote]

“Magick is the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.”

  • Aleister Crowley

Where did you get the EVP device?
Uh, magick is a science so why is mixing the two weird?
Magick, science, and physics go hand in hand.[/quote]