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Yo all!

I’ve decided to try something new for me (daemonic magic) for the practical purposes. There is a lot of different informations on the forum where o start, how to do things that it is overwhelming. So here is my thread in journals so friendly souls could give me direct advices.

I am gonna to start with next new moon. Right now I am reading S. Connolly Demonic prosperiy magic I wish to share my insights and results here.


I am starting from the base as: for more than 2 years every tarot reading shows up to me with the tower and every rune reading with ehwaz. I am drifting on the surface of reality, often changing living places and occupations. Right now I don’t have a job and I am out of savings. I moved to new city 2 months ago. I am living on the shoestring and dealing with apathy and anexiety. I am a bit of desperate right now but decided to try new kind of magic and to share the results with you.

So this will be the experiment and I wish myself good luck!



Good luck with your endeavour sir. I suggest that you can first have an inner talking with yourself. Setting up some basic questions. For example why you follow magic, what you want to achieve from this journey etc.

Thank you. I did such basics, i am not a magical noob at all :wink: I am new to demonic magic even though I did self-initiation ritual proposed by VK Jehanum years ago. When the mainstram occultists say that using magic to accomplish mundane things is ‘black magick’ i thought why not to try this? :wink:

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I’ve read half of the half The Complete Book of Demonolatry by S. Connolly, also I’ve read Ater Votum. Demonic prosperity magic is ahead of me. I am nicely suprised with down-to-earth style of Connolly’s writing. As a suport lecture I checked Henry Archer’s 7 Occult Money Rituals and first two of them are easy but nice.

As I said I am gonna start with new moon, but I am gonna to launch those two before as they are in harmony with wanning moon.

Also conversation with @SilentSeeker was a food for thoughts. I realised I was doing mistake earlier, granted when you do magic in emergency, ignoring possibility of improving whole range of my skills through spirit work. I was too much focused on the material manifestation. With new point of view I feel more secure to asko for things that can be out of my sphere of comfort at this moment.

Good luck and remember to banish and take precautions

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I am busy with end of term right now. But I’ve chosen Lucifer as my patron daemon. Nothing special happened during self-dedication. But that is very convenient for me, I’ve got thick skin and only very strong spiritual experiences gives me sensations.

However, I am experiencing constant shift of daily motivation and mood. I was heavily flooded by new books, good youtube channels, blog entries and my own insights that brings me news I need right now.

In material stuff, I still have no response for the job apllications I am sending. Tarot says to wait. But even though I am not earning poeple around me have increased income and are able to help me by buying me food etc. It is strange. Sometimes I am doubting whether come kind of curse or so wasn’t put on me…

Yesterday I tried improvised spell based on Angels of the Law of Atraction by Rose Manning, improvised element was to call Lucifer as first and last and as an intercessor, after all I used his enn and conjurations of all power of magic. Spell has been written in my BoS, I felt refreshed and hopeful after that today it is still ok. I am observing…

@NovemberChild l just could not stop myself from commenting on your avatar pic, our good old heretic ! He never fails to make me laugh like a madman.
Best of luck with your endeavors man, take care.

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Your welcome :smiley:

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I spectaculary failed… Everything was going step by step better and better, I was invited for a interview, for next one and (as I put a lot of effort both mundane and magically) i didn’t pass to the last step… I put names in jars, papers in my shoe, set lights, made offerings, feed ancestral spirits, Santa Muerte, Ganesha, I did mantrams, Ha Prayers even ReiKi. I worked with EFT and visualisations on myself to feel well… Even cards were convinced…

I am bothered right now by one thing, what it all mean, what there is for me in that, where next, what to do…

Fact that my savings are for only one month right now doesn’t help. If some of you would like to do a reading for me I would love to hear it. I still got impression that there is some blindspot I cannot see and it may be the key to success

Still no breaktrough but I was given new mobile three days after my previous had died. People around me notice influx of money though.

I had a nice dream today I was flying in the passanger place in sailplane. I flew over a forest and into clouds and no daily things have bothered me in that state. True happiness

It’s tuesday so I am in battlemode :wink:

Have to generate more energy to break inertia forces in my universe…

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