Experiment with two agnostics and an atheist

Here’s what I’m doing. I have two friends of mine that are agnostic and one that is atheist. I’m having them both tell me something that they want. The atheist, which will now be known as Al, wants to have faster reflexes. One of the agnostics, we’ll call him/her Terry, wants to be able to process information faster. The last agnostics is a little busy right now but I’ll edit this when he/she gets back, we’ll call her Agatha. Now the point of this is to see who has the best results based on their current belief system. This is a very small trial sample but it’s the start of further experiments. It’s interesting because Terry is open to the idea of magick and other esoteric things, so I’m going to predict he will get the best results. As for the Al he is quite close minded when it comes to esoteric subjects, just based on a few things he’s said. Other variables will be discussed upon request but for now this will be where I log what happens :slight_smile:.