Experiment with tarot and ammonia jar spell

Hello everyone , long time !

I have spent the last one year experimenting with many concepts and learning many new things.I am a huge fan of the ammonia jar spell.The last time I was miserably broke it helped me find the proper spells and guidance to get to a state when I was no longer broke.

I did use it to reverse my weight gain but I lost my weight in a funny way, i.e by getting pregnant and having the worst nausea ever.

Anyways that would make a whole another amusing story.Today I am experimenting by placing the five of Pentacles card ( I use the marseilles tarot so there is no reverse) in an ammonia jar to turn the situation around.

My inspiration for this is Mr Koettings video on tarot cards and how we should never be scared of bad cards but treat them as a warning only.

So as the five of pentacles card keeps showing up in my readings for the last one month I am not going to let it scare me anymore.I will effectively use my will to reverse it to its opposite scenario I.e where my worries for money go away.

It’s a scary card to find in a spread so many times.

I have a spare card I am using and will write something like “ no money and creditors are bothering me”.I think a print of the card can be used too!

I’ll keep you all updated.


It’s indeed a scary card. I’ve always associated it with illness.

I think you need “Creditors are bothering you” rather than debtors unless the debtors owe you money?

Oh yikes my bad! I’ll edit the post x

Debtors are bothering me too in a way, by hiding and not paying me back.LOL

Yes therefore after it haunted me in so many of my readings I decided it needed reversing.

Interestingly in the reading I have done just now many many hours later, the card didn’t show up.

Not so much the post as any petition you write.

Nope that was fine with a simple “really broke”

The five of pentacles gave a dramatic effect probably to explaining how broke.

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I miss my tarot deck. I always saw the 5 card to be a hard end to something

It’s a scary card but I took Koettings advice and am trying to get rid of it in spirit and on the physical plane.


Do you have a link to this ea koetting video? I use tarot through phone applications so I don’t know if there’s much I could do.


I got this card quite a bit with a relationship spread and it forced me to dig deeper into all angles. In this situation it didn’t mean material poverty but misery for both people involved and as shown by the card. One person has a physical injury in the card and the other seems to be miserable on the inside even though they are sticking out the situation. It applied perfectly to my situation because said individual did indeed have “problems” that became a part of them and I was indeed miserable but trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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I wondered about the injury part too - possibly arthritis or autoimmune type thing which prevents normal working or being considered by society as valuable.

Could definitely indicate that. I was baffled to see it in a relationship reading but said individual turned out to be am addict AND heavily leaning toward men. Not to imply it was a disability but it was an issue in the relationship not being addressed. He had things to work out and discover and it created a problem that was very needy and impoverished. Interesting to see it play out in the cards that way.

Mine were all financial readings, and it seems I am ‘limping’ with my finances since a long time.I cannot get to the root of it and this time I am looking for magic to find a smoother financial road through self-improvement.

When I see the folks in the card, I totally feel what they are feeling.Its winter, and the celebration season and I feel like I am staring at people taking their holidays and paying their bills but its not happening for me.Kinda depressing.I know the world economy is not doing well either.Just makes me kind of heart broken.
I know many more people in worst places than me and my heart goes out to them.

Check out his wisdom at this Link.I was impressed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKsbvl9572U

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Ok here is an update.Last night I tried to reverse another card with the Ammonia Jar which was plaguing me in my spreads about family, loved ones and friends, The Ten of Swords and I was consumed with Panic.At first I thought it would relate to me or my pregnancy.Anyways this morning I got bad news and I was very sad but I was relieved it wasn’t about me or my baby.It was someone close and dear to me who had discovered that they cannot have a baby ever due to some fertility issue.While I was shaken to bits while comforting them, I kind of knew the Ammonia was clarifying the situation for me.

The result of trying to reverse the five of pentacles was that a Creditor gladly gave me two more months to clear my debt (at first they were insisting on ‘immediate payment’).I still have a heap of bills and other smaller creditors to go through but now I have a small breathing space.

I have also evoked Iadon, with a special personal pact and so far, after a week what has improved is my health in my pregnancy.This may be a positive way to allow me to get back on my feet and get to work or to look for work opportunities.Its also weird that the idea of doing the Tarot/Ammonia spells came right after this evocation.Guidance maybe?

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Sorry to hear about your dog.I have lost pets too and I kept wondering about all the things I could have done to keep them with me.It became a web of regret sometimes, to the point that I would worry in class during college all day about my other cats being run over by cars while I was away.

During those days 5 of cups reversed used to keep showing up in my spread.I took it as a sign of the ‘past and getting over’.Had I not lightened my bond with my dozen cats I would have kept worrying and would have failed my final year.

I can’t really explain this, but in your case, consider this.The card was warning you of problems but asking you to avoid pondering too much over your loss.You saw what happened to your dog and had the chance to save the pet.You did everything in your mortal power in this regard to save the dog.You did not find it dead on the floor like I found three of my cats.To this day I do not know what happened to them.

The question is, the reversed card is warning you of the loss and asking you, “Hey Lola, fate is about to serve you a sad emotional blow, will you move on or let it cling to you”?

I hope I am making sense.I am not as brave as you have.I bawled my eyes out when any of my pets died.But that was my past.Remember 5 of cups reversed is a warning against ‘wondering what might have been’.


My friend, have you ever thought that your Dog was a higher being, trying to protect from evil things? Maybe he died protecting you.

A similar astral incident occurred to me when I was 15.It seemed like a sleep paralysis but it was not.My beautiful black cat which I raised since it was abandoned as a two day kitten was sleeping next to me.I was screaming for help and I could see my cat trying to meow and help me open my room door.My cat saved me from the assault and somehow when I woke I saw it vomiting on the carpet.I calmed her down and fed her some food and water.Next day when I came home she was dead in the garage with blood out her nose and ears.

I feel your pain.Astral travel is not for the light of the heart.So many big bad wolves waiting to attack you.

If you ask me, your dog was your guardian entity and is super sad to see you this way.Maybe you should try reaching out to his soul to get closure.

Don’t let that Astral bandit who attacked you rob you of everything you have.Its leeching on your spirit and happiness.
If I were you I would do a banishing ritual.

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